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Bathing crowds at the start of the Jubilee of Elizabeth II

The royal family, in one of the solemn moments of the jubilee. / Reuters

A large crowd happily celebrates the unique reign, which consecrates the first day to its ties with the Armed Forces

A sea of ​​people, according to the description adopted by the BBC, has gathered this Thursday around Buckingham Palace and other Monarchy and Government buildings in central London, to be part of ‘Trooping the Colour’, the parade that marks the beginning of the Platinum Jubilee acts of Isabel II, on the occasion of her seven decades of reign.

The morning was sunny with temperatures approaching twenty degrees. The four-day break has also prompted Britons from elsewhere to travel to the capital. There were tourists in Piccadilly and people shopping in Mayfair. But the subway cars were overcrowded and a good part of its passengers got off at stations close to the Jubilee events.

They would have heard the queen’s message by now: “I continue to be inspired by the outpouring of well wishes towards me, and I hope that the coming days will provide an opportunity to reflect on all that has been achieved over the last 70 years. And I also hope that we look to the future with confidence and enthusiasm.” She encouraged her subjects to create good memories in celebration.

TV signal |  This has been the beginning of Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee

The Queen’s Birthday Honors List was also published. On various dates, the monarch announces appointments to the Order of the British Empire. Scottish detective novelist Ian Rankin is now a knight, with the title of Sir. And Sir Salman Rushdie, a novelist consecrated by his literature and persecuted by fundamentalists, is promoted to Companion of Honour. The former Real Madrid soccer player, Gareth Bale, has also been awarded.

The variety of social ranks or skin colors in the streets adjoining The Mall, where the parade takes place every year, was remarkable. And among the crowd was Denise, a businesswoman and consultant on the circular economy.

“I think it’s amazing that he’s been on the throne for 70 years,” he said. She did not expect to be queen when she was a child, but she has remained solid throughout, unlike other members of the family. It is nice to join this atmosphere, for such an extraordinary celebration. It won’t happen again for many years.”

How has it managed to last so long? “I think he has adapted to the changes to a certain extent, but has remained true to his principles. He promised that he would dedicate himself to serving the country as long as he lived. And he keeps working. Every week he receives the prime minister to look at the papers and everything else. He has always been respectable and people have respected him. As a woman, I am very proud of what she has done ».

It will never happen again

Along St. James Street, the crowd descends with the strange idea of ​​reaching the palace of the same name and approaching The Mall. Strolling through the neighborhood, around the Christie’s auction house, there are beautiful art dealer shops. The Fine Art Commissions door is open. It is an agency that connects painters, especially portraitists, with their clients.

Sam Parker Bowles explains in front of the recent portrait of Elizabeth II by one of her artists, Nicky Philipps, the circumstances of the Jubilee: «I think it will never happen again. It is extraordinary that the queen has given her life to this country. Next up will be Prince Charles and he will already be in his seventies when he comes to the throne. And then there is Guillermo… So I don’t think it will happen again in my lifetime. It’s a special occasion.”


Elizabeth II and the British royal family are the image most identified with the monarchy throughout the world. What will happen when he dies? “It will be very sad,” says Parker Bowles. “But I think Prince Charles will also be a good monarch. He has had the time to be ready, and I think he will be willing. But he will be very sad. »

This Friday will be dedicated to faith, but on Thursday it was to arms. Parade and military bands, 82 gunshots, military planes as the Trooping auction. The queen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with uniformed princes and other relatives. Enrique and Meghan would have seen the parade from a house around the esplanade.

In Trafalgar Square, two couples in their sixties with ‘British’ hats and flags. They have come from Somerset. Why? “Because I’m proud to be British and I love the royal family, and this is a historic day,” says one of them. “And the queen has done extraordinary things for our country,” says her friend. Give me examples: “she has been head of the Commonwealth, she has brought masses of tourists, she has been an ambassador of the country”,… they add up.

Why are you proud to be British? “Because we have a fantastic history, I think more history than most places in the world,” she answers the first. “And we are a kind and helpful nation,” adds her friend again. These are very important matters, but the most urgent thing for these four happy patriots right now is to find a service in such a crowd.

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