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Bases Law: the ruling party accelerates, but encounters a barrage of requests for changes from the opposition

While the speakers parade through the plenary session of Senate committees, The ruling party accelerates the negotiations to begin to give shape to what, they already admit, will be the new draft Law Bases. Now They want to rule this Thursday, but the situation is not easy: They encountered a flood of requests for modifications from allied blocks and the Executive is looking for a way out, especially to Profits, today impassable. “Changes will be made but it won’t be carnage either.“warned a key LLA legislator.

The Deputy Chief of Staff, José Rolandi, is in contact by telephone with all the senators who raised objections in the committees. While this Wednesday, the Secretary of Strategic Planning, María Ibarzabal Murphy, landed in the Senate and toured offices to get a summary of the main proposals.

Unlike the dynamics of Deputies – when both officials were based in Martín Menem’s office – on this occasion the same does not happen with Victoria Villarruel, who for now remains on the sidelines of the fine negotiation.

The UCR, a bench led by Eduardo Vischi and bringing together 13 legislators, met in the morning for more than two hours. They made a compendium of all the topics in which they will ask for tweaks.

Beyond the RIGI, as Clarín said in the chapter on Whitening The radicals are proposing that brothers be exempted, but also that laundering in cryptocurrencies be prevented.

At the same time, they demand that the social monotax be reincorporated, which was eliminated with the modification of floors. “The informal sectors are increasingly left out“, they propose.

They also ask for a nod to the middle class. Beyond the Income Tax, which are waiting to see how the negotiation with the governors turns out, They want to incorporate into the debate a recomposition for retirees and the financing of universities. These are two issues that are being debated in Deputies, but the UCR sees the possibility of including it in the debate on the Bases Law.

Thus, the radical group seeks a way to remain united in the face of the decisions they must make, despite the reserved meeting that existed between Guillermo Francos and Martín Lousteau, which did not go down well with the bench. Some legislators claimed that they found out through the media and others considered that it was a “disorganization” because the block head was skipped.

Profits are still the great unknown. Not only the Patagonians are saying that they do not vote for it, but also other federal legislators. Rumors of all kinds fly, including that the Executive would agree to eliminate all Patagonians from the payment of Profits.

It would be a drastic change because the original project precisely eliminates the 22% differential that benefits the Patagonian provinces due to unfavorable areas. The Secretary of the Treasury, Carlos Guberman, had explained in the commission that they found “no justification to maintain this differential by region.” “With the level of income that is being set now, only high sectors would be reached, even in Patagonia,” he assured.

If they eliminated all Patagonians from paying the tribute, a problem would also be generated with the rest of the provinces.

Likewise, the Patagonians assure that the pressure is such that there will be some change. In that case, although they would not vote in favor, they could collaborate in some way – abstentions or absences – so that the norm achieves approval.

But there is one more obstacle: ratification in Deputies. “Whatever comes out with modifications here, if it does not have two-thirds, can go back because the deputies insist on the original text. There is no guarantee with LLA”, they claim close to a senator.

After two full days of presentations, on Wednesday the plenary session of commissions will rest, because the body receives the Chief of Staff, Nicolás Posse, who will make his first management report. On Thursday they resume and for that day there are still exhibitors. If the negotiations advance throughout Wednesday, the ruling party will try to rule.

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