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Barcelona win in another way

Soccer is very beautiful and unpredictable. That’s why we like it so much, it has us stunned in front of the television. It is a pleasure to consume a match of the beautiful game because almost never everything is said, it is not a logical sport, sometimes it escapes the laws of normality. Maybe that’s why he has us trapped.

Just because it has this tinge of unforeseen, of a cinematographic script ending, it is possible to explain why Barcelona came out unscathed from a match like this Saturday in Villarreal. He was dominated a large part of it, he handed the ball to his rival, he only had two clear, yes, what two, at the beginning of the stake. Xavi’s team was worse, he was imprecise and he was not comfortable. However he won 1-3. This is soccer.

Only in this way can the two league matches of the Xavi era be explained. There are nuances that allow you to see something different, but the background is the same. Rude defensive mistakes, brutal concessions to the opponent. But something has happened since Koeman is gone. The team does not lose and in the League they have won all six points. With observations at the foot of the page that do not allow to be optimistic at all, that make you see that the victories are with an asterisk. The kind that seem to be worthless but allow you to score points in the interwar era. It is time to get points and leave the positive things. Those will come.

It is true that in La Cerámica Barcelona could be favored by the referee. Piqué’s penalty five minutes into the game is clear. It is a hand that is not voluntary, it would be missing more, but that opens a bit to hit the ball. It is a penalty, even an expulsion of Gerard (If the referee had considered it to be a goal play which, honestly, I think it was). Soto Grado does not see it on the field because it is an action that takes place in a thousandth of a second.

What is very controversial is that the VAR does not warn him for that play. I allow myself to put the logical explanation before the furious one that many hooligans launched yesterday on social networks. Munuera Montero You must consider that Piqué has his hand close to his body but from my point of view he does not interpret well. In my opinion, that hand cuts an action that could be a goal, which surely was because Danjuma’s launch got inside and Ter Stegan was already launching himself to the other side. The hand, although quite attached and involuntary, avoids a goal. I put this thesis before the theory that the referee did not want to whistle it. It is easy to expose that but we must be more serious. Try to find a human error an explanation.

Soto Grado was not fine. He was able to expel Parejo in the second minute of the game for a very hard action on Busquets and avoided a grab from Eric García to Albiol pretty obvious. It is true that these grips are not being reviewed in the VAR and they do well because the intensity must be measured by the field referee, not a camera with slow repetitions. Trigueros, player of the aggrieved team, knew how to understand it at the end of the match. “I think it’s a penalty but we see it logical that these plays are not reviewed and we understand it.” The end.

Returning to football, the game is defined by the second part. Much better Villarreal, nonsense of Barcelona. For example, the local tie of a throw-in in favor of the visitor. But this is football. Because Ter stegan he shot long with two minutes remaining, Estupiñán swallowed the ball and Memphis hit it. Because this is football and it escapes logic, fortunately. Because Xavi proposes something else but wins with what he is not comfortable with, with the direct ball, looking for the error. Because his team was crouched, because the tie would sign it in blood for many minutes. But he also accepts to win like this because he begins to understand that the world of the coach has these things. Everything is valid to take the victory.


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