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Barcelona smiles again

In a season of continuous sleeplessness, of football nonsense, Barcelona appreciates some truce. It is offered by a victory like the one this Sunday against a formidable rival and in a match in which, finally, Xavi’s team squared the circle. A game in which things went almost perfectly and after which all fans look at reality differently. This team is already in Champions and, from now on, everything seems to improve.

Not everything is solved and the season will continue to be irregular. It will be a scratch approved course if the minimum objectives are met. If not, it will be a disaster and Barcelona is still balancing. It will be worth gold to grab this fourth place like someone who has a treasure. It will be good to advance in the second European competition, this year the first by obligation for a Barcelona that fell out of the European elite and now they have to walk around the house with less succulent but also valuable things. If on May 18, in Seville, the team is champion of the Europa League, the season will have served something.

The game against Atlético could be the turning point For several things. The transfers may serve, without a doubt the best since December. Ok Adama that yesterday destroyed a diffident Beautiful. Vale Aubameyang that he didn’t have time to prove almost anything but that he got the first ovation of his time at Barcelona. The one that gives the illusion of the fan who remembers a player who is almost gone but whose careers and goals remain. Okay of course Ferrán Torresin the false nine position that his coach puts on him. And it could be that Xavi has found his ideal scheme.

It can also be used as a turning point that Barcelona se also accommodates other football. The one that his coach does not want but that will come out on many occasions if it is a question of keeping a result to advance in the table. Chen he was left with ten due to the expulsion of Alves, Barcelona was cornered behind. Nico entered to join the band and left the field Pedri. Dest came in for Gavi to come out. Ferrán settled on the left wing and Aubameyang only played up front. Barcelona almost didn’t come out to attack, they didn’t need it. It was his rival who had to deduct two goals and the afternoon was not for that. The team lived comfortably and that is also football.

Of what the future can be, it will speak very well that Dani Alves can put up with his physique. There is no reason to doubt it. We saw it yesterday and the Brazilian scored a category goal coming from behind. It will speak highly of the team that Adama does what he did yesterday, but I don’t know if he is more a product of Hermoso’s weakness (which I believe) than the quality of the player who came from the Wolves. It will be necessary to measure Traore in more demanding evenings, in European nights that, perhaps, will make him raise the level.

Barcelona does not have an easy month of February but it has gotten the first good grade. Winning Atlético means Xavi’s men return to Champions League positions, something that hadn’t happened since matchday three. From now on, the Catalan derby, the tie with Napoles, Mestalla and hosting Athletic at home will mark the near future of this team that sees a light at the end of the tunnel but still has a way to go.

Alex Ubago and Amaia Montero sang back in 2002 “And now I look at the world in my favor again, I see the sunlight shine again”. That’s what Xavi will think in a convulsive week where everything has turned against him. Perhaps because of his always haughty words when it comes to a single soccer model. But he will think that, with his style, he has won the first battle. And it is true. Look at the world in his favor.


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