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Barcelona does not take off

It is not the season for many joys, for sensations that allow you to celebrate the harvests of your team. It is not the year for a Barcelona fan to take his chest out. It is for other things, for go one step at a time in search of a single goal, fourth place which is what this club can aspire to between now and June.

To not be, the year is not there nor for three victories in a row, something that Barcelona has not done in the last eleven months. Yesterday in grenade He deserved it, he was together, serious, controlling the game without any problem. Until the expulsion of Gavi, eleven minutes after the end of the meeting. The second yellow card in an uncontrolled action on Collado that has to make the youth squad reflect. It cannot be that a midfielder carries seven yellow cards in the 19 games he has played.

That action ruined everything. Made the Barcelona he felt afraid and that Granada believed he could do it. Robert Moreno’s team, which had not created much danger except for a shot by Machis with a save by ter Stegen in the first half, came up, cornering a minor Barcelona during those ten minutes. Until in 1990, Puertas found the award. Too cruel for Barcelona, ​​which again loses points in the discount.

Perhaps Gavi’s action was decisive. Others will think that the replacement of Luuk De Jong half an hour from the end could also be it. Xavi would see something that many people did not see. He would see that Memphis could contribute more as a center forward than his compatriot. The technician would think that Dembele was still there to take a few races to leave him on the field but the truth is that it was not like that. He thought that Ferran had already exhibited his entire repertoire, he took it away and, perhaps, it was not the correct decision. Moments that mark a match.

Because Luuk de Jong had returned to being the savior. He had scored a goal, annulled by Gavi’s millimeter offside in the first half. He had done all the danger of Barça and had scored the goal. He was on a roll yesterday, he’s been on a roll for two weeks. Xavi saw something else and before that, only respect the technician who is there for that. But there are things that one goes around without as many arguments as the one on the bench but that they miss too much.

For the optimists it remains in mind that it is the umpteenth game with good feelings, that Dani alves He has returned to contribute more than some believed. Yesterday He was one of the best and gave the pass, great, of the goal. For the most positive, it will remain that the road is the good one and that with this attitude it is possible to compete well, that for that, let’s not forget, the team is here now, not for great flourishes.

For the negatives and pessimists the tie has to make you reflect. Team becomes predictable when there’s a downside and he does not close the games when he can. The road is going to be long and complicated, nobody assumes that fourth place is fixed and there are things to improve.

This week Barcelona faces the Super Cup against Madrid in a classic that arrives at the wrong time. When no one expects him and without having spoken of him at any time and that there are three days left. It will be a nice game and, of course, Barça arrives worse than Madrid. There will be time to face the end of January (Cup, League) and February with the match against Naples in the Europa League. This block does not give many joys but it continues taking small steps. Of course, slow.


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