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Barça one step closer to playing the Champions League

The Uefa has already confirmed to Barcelona Soccer Club that he will be able to play in the next edition of the Champions League. In a first report, they have transferred to Barça that have not found any conclusive evidence to leave the Barça club out of European competition next season. Now those who must decide if this becomes final or not is the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA.

Barça is already designing the planning for the next season with the idea that they will definitely play the tournament, so if the club is not finally sanctioned it will be in the hype for the next edition that will be raffled on August 31 in Monte Carlo.

Since UEFA opened their file last March, Joan Laporta has met several times with Ceferin where they have talked about the ‘Negreira Case’. From the beginning, the leaders of the Barça club had maintained that there would be no punishment.

A few weeks ago, UEFA sent Barcelona a questionnaire with 71 questions to find out more details about the ‘Negreira Case’ and the club answered them all. After this they awaited confirmation of their presence in the European tournament because the Spanish Federation He had given them the approval to participate and they would have let UEFA know so they could finally play.

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