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Barça asks its subscribers to give up their seat against Eintracht for “the benefit of the club”

The FC Barcelona has made an appeal to its subscribers who cannot attend the duel against Eintracht, next Thursday at the Camp Nou in the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Europe League, to give up their seat “for the benefit of the club”.

“At the gates of the Easter holidays, with many season ticket holders who will leave Barcelona and not use their season ticket, the Camp Nou could not present a great ticket and the Club stop adding new income, despite the high level of demand for seats,” explained Barça in a statement, who needs to “optimize” their resources, so they ask the members to give up their seats, waived financial compensation.

Since last April 5, FC Barcelona sold out all the seats for the match against Eintracht, so the Barça entity does not have tickets to sell. A ‘sold out’ that he already achieved against Sevilla last Sunday, April 3, although the attendance was 76,112 spectators, which means that more than 22,000 seats were left empty.

“Gesture for the benefit of the club”

“The club cannot dispose of seats that are not occupied by subscribers without your authorization. For this reason, in the context of the current sporting and especially economic context, Barça calls on those season ticket holders who are unable to make a gesture for the benefit of the Club, it only requires filling out a form“, added the entity.

During the last two seasons, the Catalan club has given subscribers the option to take advantage of a overpayment period of the subscription, maintaining the right to recover their seat next season, once the pandemic is over.

Given the exceptional situation, this season the ‘Seient Lliure’ (‘Free Seat’) has not been activated either, so season-ticket holders who do not attend the Camp Nou they cannot release their seat in exchange for a share of the profits that the Club has with the sale of these seats.

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