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Barça and the island of honor

If you haven’t beaten it, surely the Atletico Madrid He will have been on the verge of equaling his world record for official communications, two in less than twenty-four hours, a milestone. Never throughout the existence of the current board of directors had such a narrative profusion been seen, which, in relation to racist and violent behavior by a minority sector of its fans, had received silence in response to date, silence stamp is named. This prose prose agility has not been the result of improvisation or wanting to justify himself, nor has it responded to a desire to respond to the media or to explain himself to his partners or the world of football, but rather has had in Pedro Sanchez as his main muse. Atlético responded yesterday afternoon to the President of the Government, and today Miguel Ángel Gil has done so again at noon. They answer to him, it is to him that they answer, they square off before him, before Antonio, with heels included, and they do it for the simple reason that on Tuesday morning Falconetti made a fool of them, put them between the sword and the wall, staying as they say the bullfighter Cagancho was left in the Plaza de Almagro, that is, completely wrong. They do not try to define responsibilities nor are they concerned that we think or stop thinking that they do not act with the necessary forcefulness in the face of racism or that they do not adequately tackle their ultras, they are concerned about what the Government might think and they run quickly to satisfy their curiosity by regard.

Like Atlético de Madrid, the Barcelona has also issued a statement today regarding the information appearing in the newspaper The world about the negotiations, which ended up being unsuccessful, of renewal of Messi by the Catalan club, the so-called BarçaLeaks. And, as in the case of Atlético although for a very different reason, Barcelona has not drafted a statement because its negotiations are exposed, no, but because what these negotiations tell us about is the submission of a club with 124 years of history to the wishes of a family, that of Messi, who, from what we have been able to verify, bullied and humiliated a centennial entity. In full negotiation, and after Jorge Messi had removed Barça’s heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, one of the Catalan club’s lawyers explodes and says the following in an email: “We are the Barcelona Football Club and we cannot accept that they treat us as if we were Almería”. Mistake. The French poet Nicolás Boileau said that honor is a steep island without shores, and I add that the football island has nothing to do with the budget or with the titles that one harbors in his trophy room but rather with leadership capacity of their leaders.

Possibility of unilateral extension, loyalty bonus, private box, free flights at Christmas, termination eliminated, tax clause… the Messi, and probably George Messi more than any other, they detected a total and absolute absence of honor on the part of those who were negotiating with him, probably the result of the authentic panic generated among the culés rectors by the fact that Leo finally decided to leave, as it ended up being. When the lawyer tells Jorge Messi that he represents Barcelona and that he cannot treat him as if he were Almería, Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​the periobarcelonismo and one hundred percent of the Barça members and fans have already dragged their tongues so many times on the ground by his son that if he had thought of demanding a sex change from the president, today we would not be talking about Josep María but about Mari Pepa Bartomeu.

The most curious thing about this case, because there are others, is that the same ones who said that Messi had to be given everything he asked for and they went to the exit of the Court to applaud him, those same They now lead the anti-Messi campaign. It is the faith of the convert. They have taken too long to realise, in the same way that we will have to wait for them until they realize that the club is still, despite everything, in ruins and that the only thing Laporta is doing is saving his tafanario and inheriting his successor a club in ruins and who knows if it is also about to become a Limited Company. Boileau’s phrase about honor, which he likened to a steep island without shores, concludes thus: “He who has fallen from it, cannot climb back up.” The Barcelona Football Club does not mind not being able to return to the island, it bothers them that it is known, and with data, that it fell from it. I loved you for your interest, Andrés Lionel.

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