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Banregio has the best credit card in Mexico

The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (PROFECO), an organization whose main function is to promote and protect the rights and interests of consumers, as well as to ensure fairness and legal certainty in relations between providers and consumers, stated that in April the best credit card in Mexico is the Más Card, from Banregio, a member institution of the Regional Group.

He pointed out that in addition to having a low interest rate of 23.10 percent, it does not have an annuity cost for life, also highlighting that the Más card allows its consumer user to choose the payment date, transfer debts from other banks and pay them in up to 24 months with a preferential rate, with a rewards program and months without interest.

“At the top of the best credit card without an annuity, the Más Card continues to be at the forefront, since it is a financial product that does not charge an annuity for life and that helps pay your debts with cards from other banks”

You transfer to your Banregio Card and differ up to 24 months. You’ll also get a 25 percent discount off your current interest rate.

“It is worth mentioning that on the Bank of Mexico website you can find a comparative table of credit cards according to the credit limit that the consumer plans to request, this in order to choose the best alternative.”

The organization highlighted that before choosing a card, the consumer resorts to the analysis of the best credit card to pay less and obtain more benefits, and on this occasion the distinction corresponded to Banregio’s Más Card.

“We are proud that our Más Credit Card has been chosen as the best in Mexico on this occasion. In addition to a fair interest rate, it is the only card with rewards for the use of your referred friends and your purchases, this being an attractive, transparent and extremely easy-to-use experience.

“At Banregio we work every day to be the best bank in the country, designing innovative products for our clients, their businesses and their assets, always offering quality in our service,” said Héctor Cantú Reyes, CEO of Banregio.

PROFECO explained that the Total Annual Cost (CAT) of credit cards is a measure that incorporates in one figure the interest rate, the annuity and other expenses related to credit, for this reason the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of the Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF), recommends using the credit card with the lowest CAT.

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