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Bandage Tips: Use bandage on injury in this way, the wound will dry quickly

Bandage Tips: For small cuts and bruises, we use strip bandages available in the market.

Bandage Uses Tips: It has become a common thing to get hurt in hands and sometimes feet due to doing some work every day. But sometimes this injury becomes very deep and more. Due to which a lot of pain and discomfort may have to be faced. For small cuts and bruises, we use strip bandages available in the market. But if this strip bandage is used properly, then there can be relief in healing the injury and reducing the pain. Now you must be thinking that how to apply it. Yes, many times many people do not apply it properly, due to which there is no relief in filling and pain. So let’s know without delay how to use the bandage.

Do Bandage With The Help Of These Steps- Best Tips For Bandage Uses:


1. Choosing the right bandage-

The choice of bandage is most important. Let us tell you that the bandages used in small cuts and minor injuries are called strip bandages. You can choose the bandage according to the injury. Such as pressure bandage, moleskin, gauze bandage etc. But use them only on minor injuries, in case of severe injuries, consult your doctor immediately.

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2. Stop Bleeding-

Sometimes bleeding starts bleeding and we immediately put a bandage on it. But let us tell you that if the injury is bleeding, then first of all stop the bleeding. Ice can be used to stop the bleeding. Apply the bandage only after the bleeding stops. If the injury is very deep and big then see a doctor immediately.

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3. Cleaning of the injury-

The first and most important thing after an injury is to clean the injury. Because this will make it easier to avoid infection and also to see the wound, if the injury is more, then do not put a bandage and show it to the doctor.

4. When to apply bandage-

Now is the right time to apply the bandage. After stopping the bleeding and cleaning the injury, take out the bandage in a small injury and remove its strip and apply it on the injury while tightening the skin. Do not allow the bandage to be too tight.

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Disclaimer: This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult an expert or your doctor for more details. ..

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