Monday, October 2, 2023
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Bad faces of the players in the Montse Tomé call-up

Six players have attended the call made yesterday Monday by the new Spanish women’s soccer coach, Montse Tomé. Misa, Athenea, Olga, Oihane and Abelleira and Eva Navarro Yes, they have attended, with five players from Real Madrid and one from Atlético having responded to the national team’s call. Of course, they have not done it with good faces.

It must be clarified that finally only the players residing in Madrid had the obligation to appear at the hotel while the rest had to arrive during the day to the concentration. which will take place in Oliva.

Real Madrid goalkeeper Misa Rodríguez was the first to arrive at the Alameda hotel and only left a word for the press. Said no” when they asked her if she was happy with the call from the Spanish coach.

This was the moment:

For its part, Athenea, who already said that she would come if they called her, did not want to make statements different from those previously commented by herself in a statement: “I have already said all the things I have to say in my statement. I think I was clear, right? I said I was going to be here. Many thanks to all”.

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