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Bad Bunny receives a special gift

The international tour of Bad Bunny World’s Hottest Tour makes thousands of fans around the world vibrate. In his last concert in Colombia, he gathered hundreds of followers from all regions of the country to sing and dance to the rhythm of “Moscow Mule”, “Tití me pregunta” and “Ojitos lindos”. The Atanasio Girardot and El Campín stadiums were filled with fans who dreamed for months for their moment to finally come to see one of the most popular artists of the moment. And some situations of the event went viral on social networks, including a particular gift from a fan.

Among one of those many moments that marked the concert, is the criticized gift that a fan gave the Puerto Rican in Medellín: a drawing of the popular meme of a furious Chihuahua dog, made by herself. The young woman caught the singer’s attention with sharp screams until he managed to get her gaze to rest on her and she was able to achieve her goal, something that is part of the wishes of every fan and few of them can access.

The comments came after the same young woman shared through her Twitter account (@xmariewayx) the moment in which she, just a few steps from the stage, called Bad Bunny between shouts to deliver the detail that she had given him. brought. “Benito, Benito, Benito, here, I brought you a gift, I brought you a gift,” is heard in the video, in which you can see the exact second when the Puerto Rican singer turns to where she is, and with the help of a staff member. In a few seconds, the renowned singer receives the drawing that the young woman had sent to be framed accompanied by the phrase: “It’s not that I’m antisocial, it’s that you give me a bad vibe.” The response that the publication received on Twitter was not what was expected by the protagonist, who received comments full of criticism of her gesture.

The negative comments for the publication did not wait, as many criticized that it was a very simple gift. Even so, the user came out to defend her art and the good intention with which she had made the gift. Furthermore, she explained that she simply did not have the resources to buy a more expensive item, because even if she was in the front row, she had actually been invited to the concert. She even compared her gift to Benito with the one they gave Rosalía when she sang in Bogotá.

“Hey, I was invited, I didn’t have enough for an expensive gift, what’s wrong with you. Also, it’s been super hard to draw again with the mental health that many people know I have, hahaha. Let me be happy, it is literally something symbolic, ”she wrote on Twitter. Other users on the social network have defended her, pointing out that they already wish Bad Bunny had also accepted a gift or highlighting the fact that her gift is even more valuable because it was something she did herself.

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