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Baby girl born in the debris of the earthquake in Syria got the name ‘Aya’, hundreds of people came forward for adoption, found a new home

Syria Earthquake: The girl child born in the rubble has got a name and a home.

So far more than 21,000 people have died and thousands have been injured in the horrific earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey on Monday. Round-the-clock rescue operations are going on but snow and rain are adding to the difficulties of the survivors, many of whose pictures are viral on social media. Meanwhile, on Monday, the girl child who was buried under the debris was born and got a name and a home. As soon as the video of the girl’s rescue went viral on social media, many people came to adopt her and now the girl has been named and she has got a home.

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Baby girl named Aya:

She has been named Aya, which means ‘miracle’ in Arabic. Her father’s uncle says that he will take her home after she is discharged from the hospital, as none of her family members are alive. Salah al-Badran’s own house was also destroyed in the earthquake and he is currently living in a tent with his family.

Video of rescue went viral:

The video of Nanhi Aaya’s rescue went viral on social media. The footage shows a man running from the rubble of a four-storey building holding a small child covered in dust. A second person comes running with a blanket for the newborn while a third screams for a car to take him to the hospital.

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The child was admitted to a hospital in the nearby Afrin town for treatment. She had bruises all over her body, was cold and was breathing hard.

Aya is one of the many children orphaned by Monday’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake. The UN children’s agency, UNICEF, said it was monitoring children whose parents are missing or killed and coordinating with hospitals to track down family members.

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