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Axel Kicillof distanced himself from what “is seen” in the photos of Martín Insaurralde in Marbella but did not consider it “an act of corruption”

Axel Kicillof spoke again about the scandal unleashed after the photographs of Martin Insaurralde on a luxury yacht in Marbella with Sofia Clérici as a companion, a topic that continues to impact his re-election campaign. Although he seemed angrier than the previous time he addressed the issue, this Wednesday he said that the images of his former chief of staff, a scene of waste immortalized on social networks, It does not represent “an act of corruption.”

In statements to C5Nthe Buenos Aires governor highlighted that he has “anger and anger” against the mayor of Lomas de Zamora who is still on leave because, he maintained, “made a serious mistake which was also “unacceptable conduct” which, according to Kicillof’s standard, does not fit into his government. “That which is seen in the photo is not us”, He distanced himself from his recent former official.

The Kirchnerist governor who is seeking re-election maintained that Insaurralde “will have his reasons and reasons” for having gone on vacation in the middle of the electoral campaign and that You will have to “explain it” in view of “the jurisdictions, society and justice”.

However, he seemed to break a spear for his former official by suggesting that the scandal was about immorality and not an illegal act.

“As soon as we found out (they asked him to resign). Not even because the photo showed an act of corruptionbut what you see in the photo is not us,” he said.

Axel Kicillof suggested that Martín Insaurralde’s trip would not be about an act of corruption.

Kicillof once again highlighted from his own management that he reacted “very quickly.” “That same day I contacted Martín and decided to present my resignation in the context of a conversation where I wouldn’t be able to last longer than that day in office,” he said.

“After leaving the government, I was seeing the speculations, tooIn the different hypotheses, well… Those are explanations that he is going to have to give and about which I I’m not going to speculate”, stated the governor interviewed by the host of the official signal Gustavo Sylvestre.

Kicillof also found himself in a strange place again, reiterating that he was not aware that his then Chief of Staff would take vacations. “I didn’t know what he was going to take those days or where he was going to go,” he said.

Axel Kicillof acknowledges the impact of the Insaurralde scandal on his campaign

In another passage of the report, he slipped the real anger with Insaurralde for his getaway with his exuberant company, who in turn showed on his social networks expensive jewelry and handbags from luxury brands as alleged gifts provided by Insaurralde.

Axel Kicillof suggested that Martín Insaurralde's trip would not be about an act of corruption.Axel Kicillof suggested that Martín Insaurralde’s trip would not be about an act of corruption.

“We acted firmly in the midst of a campaign that we are breaking our backs, very complicated, that’s why the anger, the anger”Kicillof overreacted.

Insaurralde resigned on Saturday afternoon, hours after his trip to Europe included with Clerici was revealed. He had arrived at Kicillof’s Chief of Staff after the defeat of the ruling party in the PASO 2021 at the request of Cristina Kirchner and as his son Máximo’s man to monitor the governor, who maintains management away from La Cámpora.

On Sunday he also had to back down with his candidacy for first councilor of Lomas de Zamora, as established, at the request of presidential candidate Sergio Massa in the interim. However, almost five days after the scandal broke, maintains his position as mayor of the district in use of license.

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