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AWS Summit 2022: Amazon’s Cloud Computing Division Expands to More Regions Around the World

Amazon Web Services (aws), Amazon’s cloud computing and services division, presented at its annual summit in Washington the new world regions in which it will begin to operate during this year and the next, including a headquarters in Argentina that will provide better connectivity to the companies and state agencies that use the processing power of the cloud computing.

In a lecture in the main auditorium of the Washington Convention Center, Max Petersonrepresentative of the public sector of AWS, reviewed the announcements that the company has been making since last year in terms of connectivity: “Currently, AWS has 26 global regions of cloud computing that are made up of data centers with 84 zones of availability. We announce plans for other eight AWS Regions around the world, adding more than 24 Availability Zones”, he declared.

“We have started to extend the cloud to more places using what we call ‘local areas’. The local zone extends the cloud in the United States to 16 different cities, and we have announced plans to launch 32 new local zones in metropolitan areas 26 countries in the next two years”, explained Peterson at the conference he was able to attend Clarion.

While explaining this, Peterson showed a map where the local area that will open in the course of this year and the next in Argentina was also. These specific zones serve to increase internet connectivity and AWS services that other companies hire.

In Argentina, Edenor, Mercado Libre, the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA), the Italian Hospital in the City of Buenos Aires and the Municipality of Córdoba are some of the institutions that use the processing power of AWS.

The opening conference of the AWS Summit in its 2022 edition had a large number of examples to explain in a more concrete way the items and services in which the service is key.

Health, mail and artificial intelligence

Pritha Mehra of the United States Postal Service. Photo AWS Press

Peterson emphasized the role of technological advances during the coronavirus health crisis and also referred to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Throughout these challenging times, our public sector customers have responded quickly and have innovated with the cloud to save lives and provide critical services to citizens.”

“We help our clients to innovate in the sectors of education, public administration, health, aerospace and satellites, as well as non-profit organizations,” said the company representative.

He then reviewed three key public sector cases in which AWS supports systems infrastructure: the communications system –USPSthe US postal system-, artificial intelligence -Hypergiant- and the Health -Tufts Medicine-.

During the keynote Peterson invited Pritha Mehra, CIO of the USPS, who explained how they used AWS to respond to a request from the White House: do 350 million Covid tests across the United States.

USPS, the United States postal service.  Photo EFE

USPS, the United States postal service. Photo EFE

Next, Quentin Donnellan, president of Hypergiant, an artificial intelligence and machine learning company, explained how they provide analytics data almost immediately to the United States military and security forces.

Another surprising fact was in the field of health, where Peterson cited the University of British Columbia, which contracted the AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning service to analyze 6 million biological tests to discover 9 new variants of coronavirus. All this in just 11 days.

“Remember that our global infrastructure is built on a foundation of security: AWS encrypts automatically all traffic on our global and regional networks between the secure facilities of AWS”, concluded Peterson, without mentioning a hot topic during these last two years in which cybercrime grew exponentially.

And, above all, because working online requires special care in terms of handling sensitive information, easily accessible to cybercriminals if it is not properly protected.

About AWS Summit

Max Peterson opened the summit with his opening talk o "key note".  Photo AWS Press

Max Peterson opened the summit with his opening talk or “keynote”. Photo AWS Press

The AWS Summit brings together specialists from the industry of the cloud computing and has more than 300 sessions between workshops, conferences and question and answer meetings. It is intended for businesses, governments, and organizations that depend on the services that AWS provides.

AWS brings you databases, management, security, IoT, enterprise applications, and developer tools all online. The company offers about 17,300 different products and services to companies and individuals, within which about 5,000 belong to the category infrastructure and software.

“The term ‘cloud computing’ refers to the delivery of computing resources on demand over the Internet at pay-per-use pricing. Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining their own data centers and servers, organizations can purchase technologies such as storage, computing, databases and other services based on their needs and when they have peaks in demand. For governments, for example, this happens with censuses or elections,” Andrés Tahta, General Director of the AWS Public Sector for Latin America.

In fact, during his presentation, Peterson recalled that AWS was behind 10 election processesinvolving 150 million citizens.

AWS was founded in 2006 and is currently the second most prolific business of the company founded by Jeff Bezos after the marketplace amazon.com: last year it had a turnover of 62 billion dollars.

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