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Award to 26 unsung heroes

New Delhi (TriNew) :

Dilip Mahalanabis, who promoted ORS solution, a doctor working with the Jarawa tribes of the Andamans and a snake catcher from Tamil Nadu are among the 26 unsung heroes who have been given the Padma award. This year’s 25 Padma Shris are leaders who have made notable contributions in their respective fields, but remained anonymous throughout their lives. Among these 25 anonymous Padmashri are Ratan Chandra Kar, a retired government doctor from Andaman who worked with the Jarawa tribe, Ghulam Muhammad Zaz, eighth-generation santoor craftsman from a family known for making fine santoor in Kashmir for the last 200 years, Vadivel in Tamil Nadu Gopal and Masi Sadaiyan (snake catchers from the Irula tribe, who are known for catching venomous snakes), Nekram Sharma (organic farmer from Mandi). These awards are part of the government’s mission to honor unsung leaders.

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