Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Auto-cabs jammed 12 in Tri City

Vivek Sharma
Chandigarh April 9 In protest against the continuous increase in the prices of petrol, diesel and CNG, the autos and cabs of Tri City will keep the wheel jam on April 12. Cab Auto United Front claimed that there are around 40,000 drivers in the Tri City and their livelihood is on the verge of loss due to the rising prices of petrol, diesel and CNG. Neither the aggregator companies nor the administration is taking care of them. The administration only removes the notification of increasing the rate, but does not make any effort to implement it. Other cab companies are also hesitant to increase the rate. In such a situation, if the auto cab drivers go, where should they go, so on April 12, they will jam the wheel in Tri City. If the demands of the auto-cab drivers are not accepted even after the protest is over, then a decision will be taken on the indefinite strike. Emergency auto cab service will be available for the hospital during wheel jam.

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