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‘Authoritarianism’, ‘abuse of power’ and ‘contempt for democracy’: tough letter from a group of intellectuals about the situation in the country

Juan José Sebreli, Maximiliano Guerra, Sandra Pitta, Miguel Wiñazki and Alfredo Casero. These are some of the 36 names of journalists, writers, artists and politicians who signed a document entitled “Without pluralism there is no democracy”, a statement that repudiates the “authoritarianism” of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner.

Taking as a reference the attack by the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, on the cartoonist Nik, where the official warned him to know the school where his daughters attended, the signatories of the document began their defense alleging that Kirchnerism puts in check the freedom of the press.

“The threats of the Minister of Security constitute a fact of the highest institutional gravity that compromises the freedom of the press and the right to express oneself and dissent. The use of power to silence critical voices is in itself harmful to human rights“, they indicated in the pages also signed by Darío Lopérfido, Federico Andahazi and Marcelo Mazzarello.

Aníbal Fernández’s tweet against Nik. Photo captures Twitter.

In this sense, they claimed that the aforementioned abuse of authority did not culminate in the request for the resignation of the official, nor that the President had condemned the statements.

Kirchnerism’s hostility towards the press is nothing new. It is enough to remember the attacks of former President Cristina Kirchner on the mythical cartoonist Hermenegildo Sabat, the performance of a former Chief of Staff breaking a newspaper at a press conference, or the violent messages of President Alberto Fernández to different journalists on social networks or directly by phone, “the document noted.

The fact that put the official Emilio Persico in the center of the scene was also mentioned among the concerns of the signatories.

Emilio Persico at the Nueva Chicago Stadium during a plenary session.

Emilio Persico at the Nueva Chicago Stadium during a plenary session.

A few days before the elections, the political leader had assured in a campaign act that “The democracy of alternation does not walk” and expressed his wish that the “popular movement” rule Argentina continuously for the next 20 years.

In this regard, and returning to the main idea of ​​the statement on the abuse of authority, the signatories declared: “Neither the President of the Nation nor the President of the ruling bloc in the Chamber of Deputies, both present at the event, objected to this outburst, which allows us to infer that adhere to the idea of ​​suppressing all competitive opposition“.

And they objected: “Even more worrying is that Persico’s sayings have not caused a massive rejection of society, as if we Argentines had used to living with authoritarianism“.

President Alberto Fernández swearing in Aníbal Fernández as Minister of Security.

President Alberto Fernández swearing in Aníbal Fernández as Minister of Security.

Following the electoral line, and days before the general vote that will take place next Sunday, the signatories questioned the political decisions taken by the Government after the defeat in the PASO.

“Perhaps inspired by the idea that alternation should be suspended, the ruling party seems determined to use the state apparatus as a party campaign tool, going to the extreme of giving away bikes, cash and graduate trips to get votes“They criticized describing it as “a total disregard for the central rules of democracy”.

Regarding the elections of 14, they added: “The governors and pro-government mayors are preparing a huge deployment of parastatal agents and vehicles to transfer people to voting centers: This operation is not naive and violates the neutrality of the State in favor of one of the parties. “

Self-styled Mapuche groups set fire to the headquarters of the Club Andino Piltriquitrón in El Bolsón.

Self-styled Mapuche groups set fire to the headquarters of the Club Andino Piltriquitrón in El Bolsón.

Finally, they pointed out against the “neglect” on the part of the Government to Mapuche conflicts in the south of the country, a problem that day by day becomes more disturbing and dangerous.

“In the name of a past of abuse and marginalization, this group sows terror and violates the rights of citizens who deserve the protection of the State. Far from ensuring the validity of the Constitution, the government abandons the victims and uses its powers and resources to defend the perpetrators“, they remarked.

And they concluded: “We feel the need to vindicate the democratic ideology in its purest sense. Without alternation, without even rules for the electorally competing forces and without a strict separation between party and state, there is no republic or democracy possible. It is urgent to say enough to the political trap, intolerance and abuses of power“.

The complete list of signatories

Juan José Sebreli, Luis Alberto Romero, Santiago Kovadloff, Vicente Palermo, Maximiliano Guerra, Marcelo Birmajer, Sandra Pitta, Daniel Sabsay, Marcos Novaro, Marcelo Gioffré, Miguel Wiñazki, Alfredo Casero, Sabrina Ajmechet, Jorge Sigal, Marcelo Cavarozzi, Darío Lopérfido, Hugo Beccacece, Julio Montero, Federico Andahazi, Héctor Guyot, Liliana de Riz, Gonzalo Garcés, Jorge Ossona, Josefina Delgado, Alejandro Fargosi, Alejandro Bongiovanni, Maximiliano Gregorio-Cernadas, María Isabel Santa Cruz, Fernando Pedrosa, Alejandro Carrió, Leopoldo Kulesz, Federico Galiana, Marcelo Mazzarello, Luis Quevedo, Cecilia Scalisi and Guillermo Rozenwurcel


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