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Attention! These are the vehicles that will not pay tenure in 2022

The Mandatory Vehicle Verification Program for the first semester of 2022 will come into force next January 3 and will be valid until June 30th of 2022.

The program will maintain the vehicle emissions verification conditions that were applied during 2021, including the cost of the emissions verification that will remain at 585 pesos and the penalties for not checking in time or for circulating on roads in Mexico City with ostensible emissions or at times restricted by the Hoy No Circula program.

The verification calendar for vehicles registered in Mexico City will continue to apply in accordance with the circulation sticker color or to last numeric digit of plates circulation of the unit, being as follows:

What vehicles that do not pay tenure in the CDMX?

By 2022, the Secretariat for Administration and Finance offers a forgiveness of payment for owners who meet the following set of requirements:

  • Do not owe holdings from previous years.
  • Have the valid circulation card, or renew it.
  • Be registered as a natural person before the SAT.
  • The value of the vehicle should not exceed 250 thousand pesos, taking into account factors such as depreciation and VAT.

How much will be paid for vehicle ownership in 2022?

For next year, the amount to pay for the vehicle ownership It will depend on the number of cylinders in your car, being as follows:

  • Up to 4 cylinders: 410 pesos
  • Of 5 or 6 cylinders: thousand 226 pesos
  • Of 8 or more cylinders: thousand 529 pesos
  • Vehicles imported into the country, with a model year after 1964, will pay a fee of 2 thousand 786 pesos
  • Motorcycles: 511 pesos
  • Vehicles intended for public passenger transport: thousand 273 pesos
  • Cargo vehicles with cargo or private service plates: 248 pesos for each ton or fraction of cargo or towing capacity


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