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Attention If you also do ear cleaning with Earbuds then these problems can happen

Health Care Tips: Using earbuds is dangerous because of this.

It is common to use ear buds. Everyone must have used it at one time or another to clean ear wax. However, many experts recommend not using earbuds. Actually, ear wax is a natural substance made by your ears to protect themselves from dust, microorganisms, water and foreign particles. There can be many problems when using ear bud to remove it. In such a situation, here we are giving some reasons why you should avoid using earbuds to clean your ears?

Learn why using earbuds is dangerous:


1. Ear buds repel wax
Using earbuds is good for cleaning the outer part of the ear, but cleaning the inner part of the ear causes the wax to go deep into the ear canal. Sometimes external particles also go inside along with ear wax. Sometimes the eardrum can also be damaged by this, which can cause ear pain and hearing loss.

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2. The mechanism to remove wax in the ears is-
Your ears have their own mechanism for cleaning. Usually, your ears are cleaned when you take a shower as the water and soap get into your ears and loosen up the build-up. This removes loose wax on its own. Wax also comes out with the movement of the jaw, so there is no need to use ear buds much.

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3. There may be a problem of dryness in the ear
Ear wax lubricates the skin in your ears, so when you remove the wax using earbuds, the skin becomes dry. This can make it itchy and increase the risk of infection in your ears.

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