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Attempted murder of Cristina: the K attack the judge and the prosecutor but more than 360 pieces of evidence, so far, show that “the copitos” acted alone

Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti and prosecutor Carlos Rívolo are “under fire” from Kirchnerism despite the fact that they have already ordered more than 360 test measurementsamong them 60 testimonies, 17 raids, 43 telephone expert reports and geolocation studies, demonstrate so far that behind Sabag Montiel (35 years old) and his girlfriend Brenda Uliarte (23 years old) there was no political or financial “brain” to organize the assassination attempt on Vice President Cristina Kirchner.

The cause has already more than 50 thousand pages and in it are preserved expert reports requests to the Federal Police, the Airport Security Police (PSA), the Directorate of Judicial Assistance in Complex Crimes and Organized Crime in Criminal Investigation (DAJUDECO), the Specialized Prosecutor’s Unit in Cybercrime (UFECI) and the Specialized Prosecutor’s Unit in the Investigation of illicit activities related to firearms, explosives and other controlled materials (UFIARM), among other organizations.

However, Vice President Cristina Kirchner’s lawyer, José Manuel Ubeira, returned to reject this week the hypothesis that there was “a group of crazy people on the loose” behind the attack on the vice president. “I maintain that behind the shooter’s hand there is another hand that prompts the shooter to ask these questions. We will persist every day and, sooner or later, the truth will be known,” he stressed.

One year after the assassination attempt – on September 1 – President Alberto Fernández reproached the “singular slowness” of the judge and the prosecutor and behind them came deputies, such as ultra K Rodolfo Tailhade, officials, picketers and pro-government supporters to attack Capuchetti and Rívolo.

To such a point, that the Association of Magistrates and National Justice Officials (AMFJN) came out to repudiate Kirchnerism’s campaign of “defamation and biased public exposure” against Capucchetti and Rivolo. The campaign was “represented, on this occasion, in the placement of posters with fallacious statements” in various official events, said the entity chaired by Judge Marcelo Gallo Tagle in a statement.

After a year of extensive research, – Montiel, Uliarte and Gabriel Carrizo (27 years old) They are at the disposal of the Federal Oral Court 6 (TOF 6) to be tried for attack, a record speed of investigation for this type of cases.

Meanwhile, TOF 6 judges Sabrina Namer, Daniel Obligado and Ignacio Fornari, rThis week they decided to release Carrizothe boss of Sabag and Uliarte in the business of selling sugar flakes due to the possibility that he would destroy evidence. Carrizo was involved in the case after they were found on his phone dozens of messages in which participation in the planning of the event was attributed; something that when responding in the investigation he defined as jokes that he made to his closest friends. Sabag Montiel and his girlfriend Uliarte are accused as co-authors of “homicide doubly qualified by treachery and by the premeditated collaboration of two or more people, aggravated by the use of a firearm, at an attempted level.” Nicolás Carrizo is charged as a “necessary participant.”

The three members of the so-called “banda de los copitos” are waiting for the start of a public oral trial, while in a residual case Rívolo – which has been delegated the investigation – continues to investigate the new hypotheses launched by the former president’s complaint in a residual case.

The last two suppose that the deputy of Together for Change and former Secretary of Security Gerardo Milman knew about the attack of the assassination attempt based on the statement of an advisor to the Frente de Todos bloc of deputies who claims to have heard him in a bar near Congress say that he knew about the attack, although other witnesses denied it. Justice has Milman’s phone to extract data linked solely to the attempted murder, as a pending measure.

The second has to do with a TV journalist. The vice’s complaint requested measures about Crónica TV panelist Delfina Wagner, who currently lives in the home of Ximena Tezanos Pintos, a neighbor of the Vice President in the building in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta, as well as to investigate whether she has links with the members of the “los copitos” gang, according to a document presented in the last hours by lawyers José Manuel Ubeira and Marcos Aldazabal. Tezanos Pintos became famous by putting up banners in her apartment, located above Cristina’s, asking for “the end of impunity” for the vice president.

On the other hand, until now, Justice has not found links between “Los Copitos” and the far-right group “Revolución Federal”, who is being investigated by separate cords in a case being investigated by Judge Marcelo Martínez di Giorgi and prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita. That position was ratified by the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber.

Pollicita requested intervention this week to the National Appraisals Court to carry out a study of the furniture that was used to cover the units of the “Espacio Añelo” building., in Neuquén, for which the company Caputo Hermanos resorted to the services of Jonathan Morel, the leader of the Revolución Federal group who had a carpentry shop in the province of Buenos Aires. Caputo is a firm of the brothers of a former minister of Mauricio Macri’s government.

During the two and a half months that Judge Capuchetti had the case –before delegating it to Rívolo after several requests for recusal of the complaint-, Other research hypotheses were investigated, such as: the so-called “David Robles – DEA”, Joana Colman, Marcodina SA, and Carrollo lines. None gave positive results to prove the vice president’s theory that opposition leaders or businessmen were behind the assassination attempt.

For Rívolo, “the copitos” devised “a plan to carry out the assassination of the Vice President of the Nation”; according to the request for elevation to oral trial to which he agreed Clarion. In that writing he warned that no elements were found to confirm that different intellectual authors existed behind the material authors..

The prosecutor maintained that the criminal plan would have begun to be formulated in April 2022, when Sabag Montiel He got the Bersa 22 caliber pistol that it had belonged to a deceased neighbor and the Brazilian stole it.

“Of all the phones seized and analyzed no link emerged of those named with no group or person that at this point would even allow us to suspect the possibility that they had been provided with assistance for the event,” said the prosecutor.

And he highlighted that “no relevant elements were found in the telephone exchanges, nor in the geolocation of the devices“, nor in the “financial movements”, that point to the alleged collaboration of third parties with money to finance the attack.

“The activity deployed by those named to carry out the attack It did not require – due to its characteristics – economic financing or extraordinary resources.“he warned.

Finally, Rívolo stressed that “the vice-presidential custody operation, as it was carried out and beyond what is the subject of the criminal (in the related case) and administrative investigations, failed to dissuade, warn or prevent the criminal activity carried out by Sabag Montiel against the Vice President of the Nation“.

The second circle of custody of the vice president was made up of militants from La Cámpora and the head of custody is Commissioner Diego Carbone, who until now strikingly has not suffered any sanction and much less was dismissed as happens when security errors of this magnitude happen around of a vice president of the Nation.

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