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Attack in Moscow: ISIS-K released a chilling video of the attack from inside with shouts of “Allah is great”

The terrorist organization that claimed responsibility for the attack in Moscow released a new video this Saturday that shows the first person attackfrom inside the theater and with cries of “Allah is great”. The images were published by the AMAQ agency, the ISIS-K communication channel.

The video was broadcast this Saturday through the Telegram messaging network, after a day in which Vladimir Putin singled out Ukraine for the attack in Moscow – which he described as terrorist – and did not talk about ISIS-K, the organization that on Friday the attack was claimed. For his part, Volodimir Zelensky denied these accusations in a harsh statement against the Russian president.

The video of the attack, which so far left 133 dead, lasts one minute and 31 seconds. It’s raw and chilling. It begins with a plaque placed by the terrorist news agency. “Exclusive content from the AMAQ agency shows moments of the bloody attack on Christians yesterday in the city of Krasnogorsk in Moscow,” is the caption that precedes the images.

Then comes that little bit of terror, with the four camouflaged terrorists, the bodies lying on the floor of Crocus City Hall, and shouts of “Allah is great.” There are four of them: one carries the automatic rifle, another carries a knife, the third carries a backpack and the fourth holds the camera with which he records the entire sequence.

An image of the video that ISIS released of the attack in Moscow.

“Come, come quickly. Bring the machine gun. Kill them and have no mercy.”says one of the terrorists. When the person carrying the camera approaches, he attacks the bodies inside a room with shots.

In the background you can see some sources of the fire that later caused the roof of the concert hall to collapse.

When he turns, the camera takes the most terrifying scene. Another terrorist appears leaning over a man who is on the ground and not moving. The camera zooms in: the terrorist He repeatedly runs a knife across his neck until he slits his throat.. At the moment when he finishes his work, the victim – with a remnant of consciousness or by reflex – turns on his side and remains motionless again.

The terrorist who attacks a man with a knife in the theater in Moscow.The terrorist who attacks a man with a knife in the theater in Moscow.

The video continues with the attackers walking through the hall. The faces of the terrorists are edited and blurred, to make their identification difficult, and the sound is also altered. But the subtitling is responsible for emphasizing his words.

“The infidels will be defeated. Allah is Great, the disbelievers will be defeated“says, in selfie mode, the attacker who filmed the scene. “We went out for the love of Allah and to support his religion,” he completes.

In the final seconds the terrorists are seen walking calmly towards the exit.

The terrorist who recorded the attack in Moscow from inside.The terrorist who recorded the attack in Moscow from inside.

So far there are 11 people detained, among whom are the four suspects of having carried out the attack at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow.

U.S. officials confirmed to NBC News that they had been gathering intelligence for months that ISIS could stage a mass casualty attack in Russia.

Two weeks ago, US diplomacy had asked its citizens residing on Russian soil to avoid concerts and crowds, due to the danger of an “imminent” terrorist attack.

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