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AT&T reaches an agreement to settle the lawsuit for alleged illegal charges to customers

The Federal Consumer Protection Office (prophet) reached an agreement that will benefit more than 844 thousand clients of AT&T Mexico, hence the company must disburse more than 248 million pesos in bonuses to customers who were charged the so-called “deferred equipment charge”, derived from having contracted a plan from November 2018 to August 2019.

The company reported that it agreed with Profeco to terminate the class action lawsuit imposed against AT&T, this after, In November 2020, Profeco will file a collective action to demand the reimbursement of 249 pesos and 99 cents of allegedly illegal charges..

After this agreement, current users, as well as those who have already canceled their services, will receive a refund from AT&Twho You will have to pay around 248 million pesos plus interest accumulated since 2019.

“The charge in question is an annual charge of an administrative nature derived from the payment facilities granted to obtain a device in monthly installments, without the need to have a positive credit history and is only charged while a plan with a device with monthly payments is contracted,” AT&T explained in a statement.

Profeco explained that users who no longer have the current service must receive, from AT&Tthe amounts collected plus a 20 percent bonus.

Meanwhile, for users who are still in force, AT&T You will be obliged to discount the charges you have made, plus an additional 20 percent compensation through a data-internet exchange, which consists of 3 gigabytes for each effective charge.

Finally, Profeco detailed that the reimbursement for these charges may be requested by consumers until October 4, 2023; For its part, AT&T indicated that both the authority and the mobile phone service provider share the same objective of promoting and protecting the rights of users.

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