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Atlético de Madrid, when you go I come from there

At half past five in the afternoon, that is almost 48 hours after Vinicius was called a monkey in the outskirts of the Metropolitano and clamored for his death inside it, the Club Atlético de Madrid Sociedad Anónima Deportiva has issued a statement condemning what happened in the derby. I am interested in emphasizing that Club Atlético de Madrid Sociedad Anónima has taken two days to react against racist insults and the death threats made against a 22-year-old boy because I have a lot of mattress friends, healthy and normal people, who already did it as soon as such unfortunate events took place. In other words, once again, it happens that, in this specific case, the Atlético fans are ahead of the board of directors that owns the club. My friends from Atleti would never seat a Nazi supremacist at their table or have a beer with a violent man, nor do they have commercial interests in the club; they are athletic at heart and by heritage, love the teamThey love him and, of course, they suffer when his public image is negatively exposed, as has happened again on this occasion.

He said that he statement from Atletico Madrid It has arrived almost two days after a black kid was humiliated in the Metropolitan. Some will say that this is really having a small waist and poor reflexes and that a diligent board of directors and an industrious and enterprising communication department should have jumped into the fray the minute after that group of vandals denigrated a human being for the color of his skin. But quia, none of that, it is a mistake to think like that. In March of this same year, and due to the dispute of a match corresponding to the Youth League between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, another group of members of the Ku Klux Klan, or perhaps the same one from Sunday, seriously insulted Peter Federico and Marvel without the fact that, more than half a year later, the Madrid team’s Board of Directors has still considered it appropriate to condemn those acts, which incidentally cost him a fine from UEFA. He will be taking his time. In May, four months ago, they yelled at the Ukrainian goalkeeper Andrei Lunin “You here playing and your country crying” while the Russian army bombed Mariúpol or Járkov and, as far as is known, Atlético Sociedad Anónima has not yet said anything about it. You will be reflecting on what to do: long and hard reflection to my faith.

Why now and not before? Why today with Vinicius and not the day before yesterday with Peter Federico and Marvel or yesterday with Lunin? Easy. Because today, at about half past eleven in the morning, the mattress Pedro Sanchez, at the time President of the Government despite many of us, has said in an interview that what happened on Sunday saddened him, that he expected a strong message from the club against this type of behavior and that he was going to ask his leaders. Said and done, six hours later the Atlético Board of Directors, which has silently endured the harshest criticism for its conniving silence with some violent attitudes, has come out to condemn what happened. This means that if Sánchez, or Antonio, or Falconetti, had said that he was sad that Lunin was being insulted, Atlético de Madrid would have instantly condemned him. And I wonder: Is Atleti really sorry or is he pretending? Or is it a way of not getting uncomfortable with the established power? Or is it that Cerezo wants to take a ride in the Falcon? The doubt, in this case, does not offend but is very reasonable as I see it.

I have good news and bad news, which one should I give first?… Come on, the good news. The good news is that, finally, Atlético affirms that will not stop until the scourge of racism is eradicated; the bad news is that, immediately after saying that, the Board of Directors of Atlético de Madrid returns to the mountain like a goat asking all football professionals for a deep reflectionny I don’t know who is accused of I don’t know what things, we go like when the frustrated corridor, which was not done to Real Madrid because a journalist or two had joked the day before with that possibility. By the way, I would like very, very, very much to know what they have done at Atleti to locate those who denigrated Peter Federico or insulted Lunin. Seriously, I’d like to know.

On Monday, the Professional Football League denounced the racist chants to whom it corresponds. The previous week, the prosecution closed the file on the insults to Vinicius at the Camp Nou because the Mossos have not been able to locate the individual who insulted him. Let’s see if I understand: do you file the complaint because the police have been unable to locate an individual who was previously located by the images captured by the television cameras? Do we want to end racism or do we not want to end it? Are we going or are we not going? EITHER we pretend that we want to and we pretend that we are going but, in the end, we stay? Or depending on who it is, do we want more or do we want less? Or do we only want when there is a false complaint, like the one Diakhaby made against Juan Cala? Florentino wanted and could. Laport too. Does Gil sincerely want to end the problem or is he pretending to want to end it? Or is he just buying time to please the President of the Government?

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