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At least one dead and several injured in kyiv by a new wave of Russian bombing

kyiv building hit by Russian missiles in today’s attacks.l/ Reuters

Alerts have sounded again throughout Ukraine before the launch of missiles on various regions of the country


The alerts have sounded again this morning throughout Ukraine in the face of a new wave of Russian attacks that has already materialized in bombings on various cities such as the capital, kyiv, where at least one person has lost their lives. Local authorities have confirmed the launch of missiles by the Russian Armed Forces and the activation of defense systems in locations such as kyiv or Mikolaiv.

The mayor of the capital, Vitali Klitschko, has reported several explosions in the city through Telegram and has recommended that the population remain in shelters. Among the areas reached there are areas with residential buildings. According to Klitschko, at least one person has died in the Solomian neighborhood, where several injuries have also been reported.

The Ukrainian authorities have also proceeded to preventative cuts in the electricity supply in various parts of the country, including Odesa or Kharkiv, since this type of infrastructure has been a priority target of attacks by Russian forces in recent months.

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