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At Expoagro, the leaders of Together for Change proposed the reduction of withholdings

Leaders of Together for Change They rejected the idea of ​​a sector of Kirchnerism to increase withholdings to the field and stated at Expoagro that it is necessary to gradually reduce these withholdings, “because they are a distortionary tax“.

The head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodriguez Larretaarrived this Friday at 11 in the morning, accompanied by the deputies Diego Santilli and Roger Frigeriowho showed signs of fatigue, after the marathon session where the government’s agreement with the International Monetary Fund was given half sanction.

At the end of the visit to various stands of the PRO leaders, they were joined by the United Republicans deputy, Ricardo Lopez Murphywho even shared the press conference they gave at the end of the Expoagro tour.

Rodríguez Larreta stated that Argentina has to go towards “a path of gradually reducing retentions in the field. Argentina needs a plan, a vision, clear rules of the game. That is what the Government does not give. That is why we are working for a change. And in that the field is clearly an engine,” said the head of the Buenos Aires Government.

“I told the President to define a course for Argentina, to agree on where we are going, with stability. A country with more than 50 percent inflation is unsustainable. Argentina must move forward and live from the culture of work,” added Larreta.

For his part, Santilli said that a third of the country’s agricultural exports are from the province of Buenos Aires “and the only thing the State does is put withholdings, fiscal pressure.”

When they were asked about the proposals of a sector of Kirchnerism to raise the retentions to the field, Santilli clarified that the Government “does not have the power to increase them”. And Frigerio added: “You cannot increase them on your own. You have to go through Congress and then it will find a united block, which will not allow it“.

In fact, Frigerio said that -together with a group of deputies- they had presented a bill to reduce withholdings. “We hope that it will be dealt with in the commissions and that it can be sanctioned as soon as possible, so that the field knows that this distorting tax is going to be eliminated.”

López Murphy expressed himself in the same vein, affirming that taxes have to pass through Congress and arguing that the exchange regime is the greatest retention of all. Therefore, “we want to go towards a uniform exchange market,” said the Republican deputy.

The mayors of San Nicolás and Junín were also present at the press conference, who raised the need to improve the road infrastructure, so that production can leave the field.

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