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Aston Martin apologizes to Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso still have the 33 between eyebrowsin achieving his thirty-third victory in the Formula 1 World Cup, despite the fact that it has been more than a decade since he has not climbed to the top of the drawer in a grand prix, specifically in Spain in 2013, played on the circuit from Montmeló on May 11.

The Spanish pilot of Aston Martin He assures, in an exclusive interview on DAZN, that they work insistently on trying to achieve that goal even if it is “impossible”, since it is a “motivation” for the entire team and pursuing this goal can be rewarded in the form of another podium, with Six for the moment for the Asturian this season.

“In Monaco we were very close and in Canada too, but I think there will be more opportunities despite the fact that, realistically, at Red Bull they are above them. The 33 has settled in the team and we are going to try every weekend, even if it is impossible“says the Oviedo in Making the 33.

The truth is that Alonso the season started like a shotwith three consecutive podiums in the first three races and two second places in Monaco and Canada, but in the last four grands prix his Aston Martin has gone backwards: fifth in Austria, seventh in Great Britain, ninth in Hungary and fifth in Belgium.

That is why, given this drop in the car’s performance, the Aston Martin boss does not hesitate to apologize to both him and the other driver, the British Lance Strollat the same time that he has been “very confident” regarding the future and ensures that they are working on important improvements.

“I am very confident because over the last three or four races we have collected some data to know where we are. Other rivals are changing their car so you always have a moving target. But we are pretty sure that we have identified the main weaknesses of the car and now it’s about solving them, not introducing other things,” explained the Aston Martin team boss, Mike Krackin an interview on the Formula 1 website.

Likewise, Krack wanted to recognize the work of its pilots and apologize for not having managed to maintain the level. “It’s great to have Fernando, but also Lance in this context. We are fortunate that both pilots have a very open dialoguethey exchange a lot about their feelings about the car or about their thoughts,” he says.

For this reason, the Aston Martin manager does not hesitate to apologize to Alonso and Stroll for the performance shown by the car in recent races: “It is easy to become destructive and the exact opposite happened, so I am very happy with the way in which this has evolved. I feel so sorry for our pilots because we may not have been able to stay there,” Mike Krack said.

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