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Asian Cup scandal: Jordan accuses Iran that its goalkeeper is a man

Scandal in Asia. On September 25, the qualifying match for the Women’s Asian Cup was played between Jordan and Iran. The Iranian team took the victory 4-2. The game had a very special protagonist. The Iranian goalkeeper Zohreh Koudaei he avoided several goals from the Jordanian team and even saved two penalties. He was a key piece in the Iranian triumph.

The hare jumped with a tweet from the president of the Jordanian Football Association, the prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein, who in the past had been vice president of FIFA, in which he uncovered a very thorny issue. Ali Bin assures that Iranian goalkeeper Zohreh Koudaei is actually a man. Request a thorough investigation to verify their sex.

Faced with an accusation of this caliber, the Iranian response was not long in coming. The selector Maryam Irandoust He has described the Jordanian behavior as a tantrum full of false pretexts for not accepting defeat and has assured that they will have no qualms about delivering any type of documentation if the investigation is carried out.

“The medical staff has carefully examined each player of the national team in terms of hormones to avoid problems in this regard, so I tell all the fans not to worry, “settled Maryan.


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