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“As a vector of passion, professional football has a responsibility in climate matters”

VSHer professional clubs, dear French Football Federation (FFF), dear Professional Football League (LFP). Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport across the world. Hundreds of millions of citizens from the four corners of the planet watch this sport every day, each and every one vibrating for their team at heart.

I greatly admire the unique fervor he provokes, fervor that I sometimes feel at major football events. Football inspires millions and millions of young people, who practice the activity at the amateur level and who get impatient every weekend for the match of their favorite team.

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But these same young people also face an immense challenge, that of the climate emergency. This urgency is real and every day disasters are observed in the world. The extreme droughts and forest fires experienced by everyone in recent weeks are the direct consequences of this. We can’t let it go and continue as before, we have no more time.

The climate is everyone’s business

If nothing is done, these disasters will multiply exponentially over the next few years and decades, and the same young people who love football will no longer be able to live decently, or simply to live. Although it is (too) late, that decision-makers unfortunately only wake up today when some are still asleep, real actions must be taken to fight against this scourge and not leave a planet in agony. to future generations. Measures have already been taken, and citizens are asked to participate in this effort.

However, the climate is everyone’s business, and as a vector of passion, professional football has a responsibility in this regard. It is certainly already acting today, to a certain extent. I can only welcome the charter of fifteen eco-responsible commitments that the FFF and several professional clubs, including my own, the Lille Olympique Sporting Club (LOSC), have signed with the Ministry of Sports and WWF, as well as additional promises made .

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I admire what the professional team of Forest Green Rovers, in the English third division, is doing, considered the most ecological team in the world according to the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA). Teams with a European dimension are also doing their part of the work and rethinking their mode of operation to be at the heart of the ecological transition. I am thinking in particular of the PSG players, who travel mainly by train.

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