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Artificial intelligence can also create the risk of extinction: experts warn

Top AI scientists, researchers have issued new warnings about the dangers AI poses to mankind…

Experts have warned about the possible dangers of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which are a threat to the existence of civilization. On Tuesday, top AI scientists, researchers and some others issued a new warning about the dangers AI poses to mankind. Hundreds of well-known personalities have signed this statement on threats from AI, and it has been posted on the website of the Center for AI Safety.

The one-line statement said, “Along with societal-level threats such as pandemics and nuclear war, reducing the risk of extinction caused by AI should also be a global priority…” The letter was signed by over 350 officials , have been signed by researchers and engineers, and include top executives from three major AI companies – Sam Altman (CEO of OpenAI), Demis Hassabis (CEO of Google DeepMind) and Dario Amodei (CEO of Anthropic).

This statement has been issued at a time when concerns are increasing about the possible disadvantages of AI.

The Center for AI Safety website has warned of many disasters…

  • AI can be used as a weapon: malicious actors can make AI extremely destructive, threatening existence itself, and potentially leading to political instability.
  • AI-generated misinformation: Due to the flood of AI-generated misinformation and inflammatory content, our society will not be ready to deal with the important challenges of today.
  • AI systems designed with ill intentions can find innovative ways to achieve their objectives, even at the cost of individual and societal values.
  • If important work continues to be assigned to machines in this way, then there may be a weakness in society – in such a situation – humans may lose the ability to operate themselves and become completely dependent on machines, just like in the movie WALL- Shown in E.

According to CNN, Dan Hendricks, executive director of the Center for AI Safety, said the situation was “reminiscent of nuclear scientists issuing warnings about their own technologies … As Robert Oppenheimer said, ‘We knew That the world will never be the same…”

Dan Hendricks also stated, “There are many ‘significant and immediate threats’ from AI, not just extinction … for example – systematic bias, misinformation, malicious use of information, cyberattacks and weaponization. .. These are all important threats, which need to be found remedies…”

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