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Army general wants to stop me from winning next election: Imran Khan

However, officials have said that they only want to hold accountable those who attacked military buildings. The former prime minister, who despite losing power in a parliamentary vote of confidence last year, is now far ahead in popularity polls. He denied that his party and supporters were behind the attacks. At the same time, he accused the government of using this incident as an excuse to take this action. Imran Khan said, “It all depends on the feeling of the ruling establishment that PTI will not be able to win elections now.” “Once they are sure about it, then they will announce the elections.”

Pakistan’s military is the country’s most powerful institution, ruling directly for most of the country’s modern history and playing a major role in foreign and security policies. Most prime ministers have depended on the establishment’s support to stay in power, including Khan, but relations with them deteriorated after he attempted to influence army appointments. In recent months, Imran Khan has intensified his anti-army rhetoric. He also accused the military of being part of a plan to remove him from power and identified a senior officer as plotting his assassination.

However, the general has consistently denied these allegations. In the interview, Imran Khan said it would be difficult for any party to win a strong mandate, leaving the fractured government in dire financial straits that has forced his successor, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, to seek help from the International Monetary Fund . The leader of the opposition blamed the mismanagement of the Sharif government for the present crisis. Other parties are now trying to win over his supporters.

Imran Khan said, “When you have a big crisis, you look back in history, only very strong governments have dealt with crises.” Political chaos has unfolded as Pakistan faces the worst economic crisis in its history. Consumer prices hit an all-time high this week, slashing growth forecasts and raising the prospect of a default.

Imran Khan said that he has no doubt that a new IMF program is needed. He also said that he wanted to reform loss-making companies and help small exporters grow. Khan said that public support for him and his party is increasing, while many prominent politicians are on the way out. Furthermore, he said, “The government is just a puppet government,” which has been barred from leaving the country. “A government that is now locking down the military establishment because they know that if elections are held, they will be wiped out.”

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