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Arbitration scandal in the Lakers – Celtics with LeBron’s monumental anger

The boston celtics Y los angeles lakers They saw each other again on Saturday night at the TD Garden in the American basketball classic: those from Massachusetts won in overtime (125-121) in a game marred by the biggest arbitration error of the year in the nba.

Kneeling on the ground and furious as he had never been seen, Lebron James I couldn’t believe what happened at the TD Garden. While the public of Boston celebrated the miraculous victory of the Celtics in overtime against the Californians, James was still outraged by what happened at the last second regulation time.

He had reasons for it: on the last play of the fourth quarter, in a penetration house brand, the one from Akron received a clear lack of Jason Tatum when the ‘6’ was preparing to score a comfortable tray, which meant the victory of his team.

Anthony DavisLeBron’s teammate, was very tough after the game: “It is unacceptable, we have been cheated”. LeBron finished the game with 41 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assistsbut it was not enough for some Lakers who continue to fight to get into positions play-offat a time of the season in which each victory counts to return to play the postseason after two years of absence.

James did not hesitate to define the situation on his social networks: “This time it hurt a lot. I don’t understand it.”

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