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Apply these household things on white hair 3 days a week, you will get shiny black hair in a natural way in a few days.

White hair remedies: Black tea can work wonders for darkening hair.

Hair color kaise kare: White hair usually occurs in old age. Although nowadays white hair is also being seen in young people. Who does not like black shiny hair, but when the hair starts turning white at an early age, then sleepless nights can fly. There are many reasons for graying of hair, but at first we do not pay attention to them, later when the condition worsens, we look for ways to turn white hair black. If you are also troubled by questions like how to make hair black and want to know with the help of which home remedies white hair can be made black and shiny, then here we have come up with some tips for you.

What is the reason for graying of hair? , Reason for graying of hair?

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Premature graying of hair can also be caused by vitamin deficiency, as well as by oxidative stress and certain medical conditions. Real life stress, smoking, chemical hair dye, pollution, unhealthy eating can also cause premature graying of hair.

Surefire remedy for blackening hair. Surefire way to blacken hair

black tea solution

Black tea can help in darkening premature gray hair. For this you need only two ingredients. Single black tea leaves second water. Boil tea leaves in water. Let the tea cool down to room temperature. Strain the tea leaves, then apply the tea to your hair. If you have long hair, the easiest way to apply the tea is to pour it into a small spray bottle. Spray the tea in your hair. After about 1 hour, wash the tea with cold water.


sage water

Sage herb is one of the most effective remedies for gray hair. It both stops the growth of white hair and can regain the natural color of the hair. Boil sage leaves in water. Remove from heat and allow the sage water to cool. Spray room temperature liquid all over hair. Leave it on for 2 hours. Wash off with mild shampoo or soap.

Leave this homemade oil on the head at night, new hair will start growing fast, make it at home in this easy way

Coconut oil and lemon remedy

This effective recipe uses ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. It should be used at least twice a week to slow down the graying process and make hair black, soft and shiny. Mix coconut oil and fresh lemon juice. Massage it gently on your scalp. Then comb it through the entire length of your hair. Leave it for 1 hour. Wash it off with mild shampoo or soap.

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