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Apple announces ‘Tap to Pay’, the function that allows you to pay without contact with the iPhone

Apple announced on Tuesday its plans to introduce the service Tap-to-Pay on the iPhone, which will allow any business or individual to use the mobile phone as a terminal to receive or issue payments.

The new feature includes all iPhone XS and up and they will be able to accept contactless payments without the need for any additional hardware. This feature will be, at least until its operation is evaluated, only available in the United States.

The idea is that merchants can use their phone to accept from Apple Pay, contactless credit and debit cards and other digital wallets with a simple touch on your mobile, without having a posnet or other similar systems.

The buyer should only bring their mobile closer to the seller’s, using their usual means of payment. The only condition is that said means of payment is compatible with contactless technology.

The idea is that merchants use the iPhone to receive payments. Apple photo.

To operate with the telephone it is necessary to have the NFC chip of iPhones, which will make payment processing much easier. This technology will be available to payment platforms as well as developers who want to integrate it into their applications. A similar technology called Tap to Phone is being worked on in the country.

“As more and more consumers use mobile to pay with digital wallets and credit cards, Tap to Pay on iPhone will give businesses a secure, private and easy way to accept contactless payments and unlock new payment experiences using the power, security and convenience of iPhone,” said Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet.


The long-awaited Tap to Pay will debut, at least initially, in the hands of two quite popular commerce platforms: Shopify and Stripe, so it should not be understood as a new service provided by Apple.

The dates that the Cupertino firm checks indicate that this feature will be ready by the end of the year. A key element of the Tap to Pay ecosystem, as with other Apple products, is privacy.

According to the North American company, buyer data is protected by the same technologies that are already used with Apple Pay, such as encryption or information processing through a secure element. Apple also indicates that they will never be aware of who or what is being purchased.

Release date

In March, Apple could introduce the cheap iPhone.  AP Photo

In March, Apple could introduce the cheap iPhone. AP Photo

Apple is preparing its first major event of 2022, for which the company is finalizing details to present the new version of iPad and your low budget mobile, the third generation iPhone SE.

The technology company could launch these devices once it has its computers with native Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, according to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman.

Apparently, Apple plans to hold the first virtual event of the year, on March 8, to present the new iPhone SE and iPad Air models, which are expected to have an A15 chip and 5G. Also in March will launch the iOS 15.4 software update.

The company will expand its ‘hardware’ with a new Mac this spring, although it is unknown if it will be presented at the event next month or if it will be released later. According to the analyst, it could be a high-end Mac mini with the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors.



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