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Any idea, turned into reality thanks to AI: how to create professional videos in seconds

Although it was predicted that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sole would crush repetitive tasks, reality imposed its rules and accelerated the march on intellectual trades. On this note, everything about the platforms that, from a sentence and without requiring technical knowledge, are capable of creating professional videos.

These platforms that generate productions to the letter they use algorithms capable of identifying key scenes, removing redundant parts, applying special effects and without human supervision, matching the script to the audio and vice versa.

The ultimate goal is to produce scenes on a cinematographic scale -without the user mastering the techniques to adjust colours, brightness and filters- and achieve a greater impact on the networks, through the viral effect.

Unlike audiovisual editing software, which requires a long learning curve and a high-octane computer, these sites use their own cloud resources and the results travel in express mode.

It is not necessary to have a super computer to edit the videos.

They are ideal for introducing animated online courses, setting trends on social networks, promoting educational tutorials and marketing campaigns for companies or influencers. They adapt to different platforms and formats.

In some, it is enough to type the central concepts in the search engine so that, in a few seconds, the AI ​​takes care of organizing the available material. You can also provide your own logo and suggest the direction one intends to take.

In addition, to develop the script of a project, this synthetic imagination can be sent an argument in the format of text files, Word or a link to a specific page.

Regarding the work method, many use the classic PowerPoint slides to compose each of the sequences that make up the narrative. Once the schematic is complete, the AI ​​will in charge of combining it and give a distinctive stamp to the product.

And it’s about facing the audience, some have a wide range of human avatars, some with the appearance of movie stars. To conquer other markets, the audio can be translated into multiple languages ​​and with the subtitles of your choice.

Most offer a free version, although limited in length and quality. To access all the possibilities, the monthly cost revolves around 20 dollars. The five most prominent are:

light 5

light 5

light 5

This site empowers entrepreneurs, managers, and content creators to model top-quality videos and make them ready to connect on any social network.

Your gallery includes a vast library with photos, video clips and sound files. Everything can be combined with templates and logos, watermarks, fonts, and batches. It has a tool to adapt the clips to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Machine learning uses it to logically link multimedia files with text and voiceovers. The duration of each scene will depend on the amount of text, while the shot is intelligently framed based on the composition of the scene.

Allows you to track metrics such as views, likes, and shares in the analytics dashboard. The free version does not exceed 720p and uploads with a watermark. the basic subscription is $29 and cap $199.

Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts

He specializes in creating explanatory videos through animations. According to his estimates, he achieves a time optimization of 87%. Among the firms that use this service are: Coca-Cola, IBM, Sony, Pfizer, American Airlines.

The first thing will be to provide the script so that the AI ​​takes care of selecting the material or coordinating the one that one has supplied, to make it match in duration and form.

Templates of different shapes and graphic resources, such as images, icons, sounds and music, are arranged to decorate the conceptual skeleton.

The free version allows 5 clips per month at 480p resolution in 16:9, with a printed watermark. There is an intermediate that costs 25 dollarsenables 25 exports in 1080p and can be adapted to different networks.




The site opens the doors of a library with more than 55 templates, 125 human avatars and 400 modular voices. Videos can be converted with one click to 120 languages.

Which implies that, if the budget or resources are not enough to hire narrators or an actor, it is possible to use one of these customizable AI avatars -you can choose from hair to skin tone- with realistic movements and gestures.

If the challenge is to match parts, those interested can upload their own voice recording, so that the system synchronizes it with some of the avatars that it lists in the catalog.

To avoid inconvenient use of its avatars, the firm offers its service only to companies. For this reason, instead of a free version it has a demo. From 30 dollars per month.




It competes directly with Synthesia AI in the field of avatars. It has a repertoire of 25 3D models of real actors, with technology that improves daily, thanks to the training of AI neural networks to emulate the expressions of television presenters.

To generate an exclusive avatar, you will have to record a 3-minute video fragment from different angles, upload it to the site to have a digital replica of yourself.

The assortment of templates are geared toward event promotion, webinars, brand proposition, Instagram stories and reels, portfolio, breaking news, educational and training videos, real estate, and product descriptions.

The trial version supports one slide and cannot exceed one minute. The basic plan is 29 dollars per month and grants a footage of up to 15 minutes. For each minute of surplus, it will be necessary to pay 1.93 dollars. The top version, cheap 99 dollarsaccept 50 minutes.




Considered the king of youth templates, the site houses some 6,000 configurable options, separated by category. Add to this more than 50 themes powered by AI and iStock media to create short videos for YouTube, Reels, testimonials or reviews.

To take advantage of the InVideo AI text to video option, you will have to enter the phrase or keyword that synthesizes the idea. The tool analyzes it and suggests images and clips that are relevant to the job.

It has a collection of predefined or manually configurable color filters to adjust the saturation, exposure, hue and brightness of the video, as well as adding a color palette according to the graphic identity of the brand.

Being the less professional alternative, their demands are lowered. The free version grants 40 minutes free of charge, although its libraries are limited. The pay, start in 15 dollars and the pro reaches 30 dollars.


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