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Another problem for Castillo in Peru: the new prime minister, denounced for beating his wife and daughter

The new Prime Minister of Peru appointed by President Pedro Castillo, Hector Valer, began his administration in the midst of a controversy after it became known that in 2017 the Judiciary issued protective measures in favor of his wife for physical violence and a year earlier his daughter had reported him to the police for beating her.

Valer denied Thursday in an interview with Santa Rosa radio that he had beaten his wife and daughter. “I’m not lying to you, by God, I beg you,” he said although he could not explain why there is a police document for assault and a judicial decision of protection for his wife.

In 2017, Judge Roxana Palacios ordered protection measures for Ana Montoya, Valer’s wife, and prohibited the current prime minister from conduct that constitutes “violence or harassment” against his wife “under threat of being denounced for the crime of resisting authority”.

On October 22, 2016, Catherine Valer, daughter of the prime minister, denounced her father for family violence at a Lima police station. The young woman, then 29 years old, indicated in the complaint confirmed by AP that the day before at her home her father had given him “slaps, punches, kicks in the face and different body parts and hair pulls”.

The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo. AP Photo

The neighbor

Gladys Pasos, Valer’s neighbor and owner of the apartment that the prime minister rented, told the press that she experienced “a lot of stress” because Valer “He was very conflictive, sticky, spoiled, made many scandals with the wife, the daughter”.

Valer left that house after living in it for a decade and did not pay rent for the last two years, indicated Steps.

“They cried loudly, they shouted, there were cries, things were throwneven a television. Several times the daughter left. When I spoke with Catherine, she told me that for defending her mother, she also liked her (her father beat her),” Pasos told the press.

Héctor Valer Pinto, during the act of swearing in his position.  Photo EFE

Héctor Valer Pinto, during the act of swearing in his position. Photo EFE

Valer’s wife passed away on October 5, 2021, as recorded in the official journal of Parliament debates when a minute of silence was requested on October 6 in his memory. The reasons for his death are not known.

The Ombudsman’s Office asked on its Twitter account “to evaluate the appointment of the prime minister.” It added that “appointing officials with a history of violence against women and the family group is incompatible with the necessary fight that the State must wage with this problem. structure of society.

Source: AP



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