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Aníbal Fernández responded to ‘Cuervo’ Larroque for criticizing the government’s silence after the attack on Cristina Kirchner’s office

Aníbal Fernández, Minister of Security of the Nation, came out this Saturday to respond to the Secretary General of La Cámpora, Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque, who criticized the Government for not publicly repudiating the attack on the office of the Vice President, Cristina Kirchner, in Congress. , last Thursday.

The “Crow” used his social networks to manifest: “The silence and parsimony of the government in the face of the attack on the Vice President’s office are stunning.”

Fernández, through the same platform, responded: “Dear Cuervo, ‘you are stunned by the government’s silence and parsimony in the face of the attack on Cristina’s offices, but Do you know something? It is not like this. In the face of aggression, President communicated with Cristina and a collaborator taking an interest in the situation and making himself available”.

“After that,” he continued, “he called me, instructing me to Let’s act rigorously as we did and without repressing, remembering that we all come from the same school. What do I mean with this? Do not leave single words or adjectives that are later used by the prophets of hate“.

In the following post, the head of the Security portfolio recalled his years with the head of the Senate and her husband, former President Néstor Kirchner, and expressed: “I have spent so many years by Cristina and Néstor’s side that I take them on as a family. I have said it and I keep my expressions of affection that I only express with the care of privacy. I have worked on everything that was asked: hard or not so hard, agreeing or not. And I will always be“.

And he added: “As the years go by, I have earned the right to express my opinion and bank what I feel is right (you may not like that). As the person responsible for security I took care of Cristina’s person without her noticing, with civilian personnel. The President is aware.”

Fernández once again referred to the investigation into the stones in the framework of a protest in front of Congress against the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, while Deputies debated it.

“At this time we are focused on identifying those responsible for the excesses, knowing that the stones at Cristina’s office were deliberate. Without a doubt. It has already been prosecuted and I am convinced that we will find those responsible and the President is aware of it”, said.

“Because I appreciate and respect you, do not hesitate to answer you. I fall in love with the expression of Juan Perón stating: ‘Those who want to hear, let them hear, those who want to follow, let them follow, my company is loud and clear, my motto, my cause is the cause of the people, my guide is the flag of the country‘. Surely we think very alike and I feel you are a great partner”.

“A strong Peronist hug”, closed Aníbal Fernández.

Cerruti: “The President acted immediately”

Minutes later, it was the presidential spokeswoman, Gabriela Cerruti, who also referred to the attack on Twitter.

“Faced with the attack suffered by our Vice President, the President acted immediately sending a message to her and her private secretary, concerned for her physical integrity, that of her relatives and the staff that works with her,” he wrote on Twitter.

“At the same time, he ordered that the Ministry of Security, in charge of Aníbal Fernández, investigate what happened, seeking to identify the perpetrators of such vandalism. Let no one doubt it. The President and the entire National Government despise and repudiate violence and hope that Justice identify, judge and punish those responsible for such an act,” he concluded.

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