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Aníbal Fernández redoubled the bet and called Sergio Berni a ‘mercenary’

In the midst of the commotion caused by the deaths caused by the consumption of poisoned drugs and the open debate in relation to the advance of drug trafficking, the Ministers of Security of the Nation and the Province of Buenos Aires are still entangled in an internal dispute that offers new chapters every day.

On this occasion, Aníbal Fernández described Sergio Berni as “mercenary” after Axel Kicillof’s official called him “pathetic”.

“I’m not going to be answering because it’s a gesture from a mercenary, too bad he’s a friend and I’m losing him right now. Someone is giving him the order to go to radio Miter on a Sunday to explain that topic so that later they play it as they did, it’s a well-known comedy step, he’ll win the sweets they’ve promised him and he’ll go home happy with such stupidity,” said Fernandez.

Later, in an interview with Radio Miter, he returned to the subject: “My grandmother said that two do not fight if one does not want to. I have no interest in fighting with someone who was my friend. Let him fight alone. I’m pathetic, I would answer it with a little more rudeness, but I’m not interested. That I left him alone is a lie,” he said when responding to the words of his Buenos Aires counterpart.

The Minister of National Security went out to the intersection again after Berni accused him of having left him alone and described it as “pathetic”.

After explaining once again why he published on his social networks that message full of irony about drug use and Berni’s request, Fernández again pointed against the Kicillof official: “You can see that they have given him a couple of candies for him to say what he said and that’s the way things are, I don’t feel like fighting because I’m not going to give him a ball”.

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