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Angelique Burgos and Obie Bermúdez in love with the cinema with their leading role in “Al revés”

The host Angelique Burgos “La Burbu” and the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, Obie Bermudez They recognize that making films is a facet that they would like to embrace for the rest of their lives or at least while new opportunities arrive.

Both have excelled successfully off the big screen, but as soon as they are presented with a film project, emotions and nerves catch up with the illusion of working in the middle of filming, memorizing lines and putting on the skin of another human being. The challenge for them is to become other lives. They still admit that it is a facet that requires a lot of discipline, hours and study.

With the enthusiasm of starring in a new Puerto Rican film, Burbu and Obie accepted in 2019 the responsibility of being “Lourdes” and “Roberto” in the film “Upside Down” which will premiere on February 2 in local movie theaters. The Puerto Rican feature film has so far been screened at local film festivals and according to the artists the immediate reaction was “very positive.”

The film, directed by Eduardo “Transfor” Ortiz and produced by Piñolywood Studios and Somos Films is the first that Burbu and Obie star in together. The chemistry between the two entertainment figures is very natural and the admiration they profess is projected with total sincerity.

Each of their respective families, their children, their projects talk and they even agree that they came to think that the Puerto Rican film would not reach movie theaters, since it was filmed in 2019 and when the coronavirus pandemic arrived. COVID-19 the premiere was postponed for three years.

“I remember that they called me and told me that if I was interested in making a film in which I was going to be the lead (he jokes) and that Angelique was going to be there and in addition to being colleagues I am a super fan of Angelique and I quickly said yes. For me the experience was brutal, I remember that the first scene we did together I was nervous, but in acting you have to get your hands on it and the level of concentration is high, but she made me feel good and she was kind of crazy, but she’s a sweetheart. I felt comfortable with her from day one. She was always present on the set and I respect her a lot, ”said the singer-songwriter about the first scenes they did together.

Both artists who met in the El Nuevo Día photographic studio had made films before, but this feature film represents a greater acting weight by leading the history of romantic comedy, written by Maritere Vélez and Jesús Rivera.

“Al Revés” presents the story of Lourdes (Burbu), who in order to survive leads a life full of tricks, together with her boyfriend, Miguel (Jamsha) and meets Roberto, a character played by Obie, who is a single father and overprotective of his daughter and makes a peculiar proposal to the character made by the Wapa Television presenter.

booths for the cinema

The singer joked that he is the “mini daddy of the movie” and that his character has just ended his romantic relationship, is in charge of his daughter who is usually a bit of a rebellious girl (played by Marcela Santiago) and feels “frustrated and inhibited at first.”

In the case of the character that Burbu embodies, the presenter of the radio program “El despelote” from La Nueva 94 released that “It really wasn’t that difficult for me because she’s just as crazy as me.”

“She is a very spontaneous girl, she has an art for a sport (volleyball) that she did in the past. She is a jovial girl, she does not have many goals in life, but there is a reunion with the character that Obie plays and a transformation occurs”, mentioned the presenter who made her film debut in the movie “The Wonder” that was filmed in Dominican Republic.

January 27, 2023 interview Angelique “Burbu” and Obie Bermudez about the movie they star in david.villafane@gfrmedia (David Villafane/Staff)

Both artists stressed that the best thing about the film “Backwards” is that it is a story in which their respective children will be able to go to the movies to see their parents act.

“The truth is that it is a very nice film. People who saw it at festivals laughed, enjoyed it and my friend even cried. That motivated us a lot. The truth is that it is a family film. The shooting was sacrificed, the early mornings… but we liked what we were doing so much and the truth is that it was a brutal experience. Hopefully and people enjoy it as much as we do,” said Burbu.

The voice of “Before” explained that when comparing cinema with music there is an analogy that fascinates him. “My work with music is to touch people’s hearts and the performance goes along that line of telling stories but longer, because a song is telling a life in three minutes and that is complicated. However, in acting you can count and fly more. You can tell that story longer and more entertaining. I would love to make more movies, I’ve also done theater,” said the singer-songwriter, who is married to singer jennifer pena and is the father of three children.

The content creator of her platform “Burbu TV” on the YouTube channel assured that “I am well set for the cinema” in relation to the proposals that arise in the seventh art. She acknowledged that she is not a professional actress, but the opportunities have been her best lessons to get to know the cinema and develop in the field.

“I love the cinema. My film debut was in the Dominican Republic, but my participation was seven minutes and they killed me. I said ‘I messed it up in something and they killed me’, but it was part of the story and that helped me a little for when this opportunity came with more weight, since I’m practically in the whole movie”, added the mother of Sahil Elías and Kokoh Mar .

January 27, 2023 interview Angelique "bubble" and Obie Bermudez on the film starring david.villafane@gfrmedia
January 27, 2023 interview Angelique “Burbu” and Obie Bermudez about the movie they star in david.villafane@gfrmedia (David Villafane/Staff)

In addition to Burbu, Obie and Jamsha, the actors and actresses Carola García, Norwill Fragoso, Osvaldo Friger, Mariana Quiles, Jadzia Ortiz, among others, join the cast of “Upside Down”.

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