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Ange Noiret: who is TF1’s new weather presenter?

At 33, the weather presenter on LCI made his debut on the first channel last weekend, where his physique and his smile were noticed. Back on his surprising journey.

By Clement Machecourt

Ange Noiret presents the weather on TF1 this weekend.

Por TF1 viewers, the presenter will be remembered more than the weather report from last weekend. In front of the map of France, Ange Noiret, suit and tie, well-trimmed beard and frank smile, made a strong impression in front of 4.7 million viewers. Yet no one could have assumed that one day he would find himself in front of a camera.

“Ease” and “charisma”

“That’s it, they put Ange Noiret. It will be a heat wave all year round. » « When talent, ease, charisma, sympathy come together, it can only make viewers want to watch the weather forecast on TF1. “Difficult to find on social networks negative reviews of the performance of Ange Noiret, chosen by the management to present punctually on TF1 the weather forecasts of the holidays.

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Helicopter pilot

Anyone who dreamed of becoming a helicopter pilot will not be able to take control of an aircraft. In question: his myopia. “I was told that they had meteorological needs, and I said to myself why not. Ange Noiret completes his eight months of military training before following a one-year course at the National School of Meteorology in Toulouse.

“Army, air, navy, civilians, we were all together. We have access to satellite images, data from all the weather stations. That’s it, he feels it, Ange has just discovered a passion for the weather. After “having worked like never before”, he chose the base in Orléans, near Paris.

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Its arrival coincides with that of the A400M transporters, “fantastic transport aircraft”. He finds himself doing weather briefings in front of the pilots. He also carried out a mission in Jordan, in direct radio contact with the French fighters. And like any soldier, he participates in the VigiPirate and Sentinel operation by carrying out patrols like in the airports of Paris Orly and Aix-en-Provence, which dull his desire to stay in the army.

Weather Channel

“I sent CVs and I was taken on by the Weather Channel,” he explains calmly. He then experimented with the first presentations in front of an audience, “where you have to popularize” and “speak to an audience that is not necessarily a specialist”. After four years, an opportunity opens up for LCI to make a replacement.

Freelancers, fixed-term contracts… Ange Noiret is gradually earning his place on the continuous news channel, where he first presents the morning bulletins. “Grateful” to the channel, Ange Noiret works with “rigor” to present the forecasts “as fair and clear as possible”, while doing so, he insists, “with good humor”.

“In the service of time”

After a first appearance on TF1 in June 2022, the 33-year-old presenter returns there this summer for two consecutive weekends. For the past ten years, Ange Noiret has noticed a growing interest in the weather forecast on the part of the general public. “We are looking more than before for accuracy and scientific rigor, without being alarmist or minimizing things,” he judges. On TF1 or LCI, Ange Noiret ensures that he will always make his presentation with a smile, “in the service of time”.

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