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ANES, the first energy association in Mexico to promote parity in management positions

The National Solar Energy Association (ANES) unanimously approved the modification of its statutes to include the obligation of gender balance in its strategic positions.

The new statutes indicate that at least one third of the board of directors must be made up of women, while there is an obligation that the positions of presidency and vice-presidency be occupied by at least one woman.

“It was an act of historic justice, the members of the board of directors understood that there is a debt of many years where male leadership was prioritized,” he said in an interview Karla Cedano, president of ANES.

In this way, the association led by Karla Cedano It will be the first in the country in the renewable energy and energy sector to adopt these measures in its statutes.

In addition, the texts were written with inclusive and non-sexist language. With this historic measure, the association will seek to position itself as the spearhead of the sector, in order to combat the gender gap.

Currently, the profile women professionals that predominates in the sector is engineering, mathematics and technological skills, however, the association is promoting the preparation of professionals specialized in social sciences and related fields, with the aim of diversifying female participation.

“When they elected me president of ANES, I jumped in, the council knew that I had experience and that I believe in the sector, in addition to the fact that I arrived with a lot of sensitivity about what a woman has to do in an industry dominated by men, that’s why I appreciate the support of the association’s founder, Manuel Martínez,” said Karla Cedano, who has a doctorate in applied science engineering.

With this conformation, the ANES decision making will be carried out in conditions of inclusion and gender perspective, in line with the Decree published on May 11 in the Official Gazette of the Federation, in which parity was determined in the governance bodies of various institutions of the Administration Public Federal, among which stands out the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

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