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And after the party, the next season is planned: half of the staff will go through the offices

It has been a historic season in the real Madrid. Unexpected despite always seeking to raise all possible titles. And after a treble (Champions League, League and Spanish Super Cup) that will always be remembered, as Florentino Pérez himself said at the celebration of the fourteen, “now they are going for the Fifteenth”. In reality, the presidency, with Florentino Pérez and José Ángel Sánchez and sports management, have been working all season on planning the next Real Madrid.

The European champion has already closed -and definitively, not like with Mbappé- the signing of Antonio Rudiger. A 29-year-old centre-back, international with Germany, was released after finishing his contract with Chelsea. The signing of him should be made official in the coming days. He has signed until 2026 with Real Madrid. The signing of him is the only insurance that Real Madrid has right now. However, after the rejection of Kylian Mbappe the club accelerated the hiring of Tchouameni and hopes to close its arrival this week. In the club they believe that it will not take long after having achieved a verbal agreement, for five seasons, with the footballer. Liverpool and PSG are also trying to secure the signing of the French midfielder while Real Madrid reach an agreement between clubs. This past weekend not only was the Champions League achieved, but progress was also made in the negotiations with Monaco. Madrid has an advantage and wants to finish off an operation that could be around 70 million euros. They will not be the only Real Madrid signings this summer.

Departures from Real Madrid

Marcelo, Isco and Bale are ending their contracts and the club has not offered to renew them. There are three confirmed departures and a few more are expected. Only with the departure of these footballers, Real Madrid frees up some 60 million euros and it is because Bale was the footballer who earns the most in the current squad. The white team has a margin, a lot of margin, in the wage bill. Mbappé and Haaland could have been allowed. to both Real Madrid has more than two hundred million margin to reach its salary limit, which is allowed by LaLiga. Its cap is 739 million for the 200 from Sevilla, 171 from Atlético de Madrid and 97 from Barcelona. There are transferable players in the current Real Madrid squad. They are Jesús Vallejo, Ceballos, Asensio, Lunin, Jovic and Mariano, although each with different situations.

Marco Asensio His contract ends in 2023, which would be his eighth season at Real Madrid. The club intends to offer him a renewal, but without a considerable salary increase. The idea is that he renew or be transferred. The decision, therefore, belongs to Asensio himself, who has finished the season as the team’s third top scorer. His situation is similar to Daniel Ceballos whose contract also ends in 2023. The difference is that the Andalusian has not won 14 titles with Real Madrid and has not been instrumental in all the team’s successes in recent years. The club’s idea is that he be transferred. His great supporter is Carlo Ancelotti, who wants him to continue. The last word would also have the footballer himself who has always expressed doubts. If he leaves, everything indicates that he will return to Betis. Asensio is 26 years old and Ceballos is 25. There is a market for both.

Jović and Mariano they do not count for Real Madrid nor for Ancelotti. The Serbian, only 24 years old, intends to leave and his case does not seem complicated to solve. There are interested clubs and the club is waiting for a transfer to recover some of the 60 million that was paid for him. Mariano’s case is more complex. He has always refused to leave Real Madrid and he has one more season left on his contract, until 2023. The club’s claims with him are more earthly. They would settle for saving his salary.

Jesus Vallejo and Lunin They could also leave Real Madrid this summer. The arrival of Antonio Rüdiger makes it almost impossible for the defender to have any chance. The Spanish would already be the fifth center-back. Jesús does not want to leave, Ancelotti is happy with his professionalism, but everything indicates that he will end up leaving. Lunin wants to prove himself outside the Bernabéu. He wants to start, play and knows that with Courtois it is impossible. He will find a way out for him although Real Madrid intends to keep his rights, either with a long loan, as is the case with Brahim, on loan for two seasons at Milan, or with a repurchase option. The newspaper Marca reported that David Ospina, Napoli goalkeeper, is the one chosen by Real Madrid to replace the Ukrainian in goal.

mass renewals

Luka modric confirmed, in the celebrations this Sunday, that he will continue one more season at Real Madrid. The news, advanced by digital freedomIt is a joy for all parties. He arrived in the summer of 2012 and ten years later he still has the rope to try to win more titles. The agreement was reached with a simple conversation. “Everything was very simple, as expected with Luka,” they say from the club. At 36 years old he will continue “charging the same”.

Three Brazilian soccer players will change roles and, therefore, their salaries will be adjusted with a renewal. The extension of the contract for Vinicius, one of the players who earns the least in the squad since he continues to have the same contract as when he signed for Real Madrid. His relationship ends in 2024, it will be extended for six more seasons and it is that the player is clear about his continuity despite the fact that siren songs have sounded and it is that, as Libertad Digital can confirm, PSG has tempted the footballer on more than one occasion and a negative answer has always been found. Rodrygo and Militaowith a contract until 2025, will also renew with Real Madrid.

Nacho, Kroos and Benzema they end in 2023 and everything indicates that their cases will be similar to those of Luka Modric. Veteran players with whom there is full understanding and whose future will be decided by themselves based on their performance and always with short renewals. Nacho’s extension is confirmed until 2024 and at the moment the only thing we know about the other two are a few words of Tony Kroos in Paris last Saturday when he said “two years” when asked about it.

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