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Ancelotti’s irony about Xavi and Gavi: “If my grandfather had wheels…”

Carlo Ancelotti sounds like a possible new Brazil coach, but to date he had not confirmed this supposed interest from the Rio de Janeiro team. Now, in the preview of Valladolid-Real Madrid in the League, the Italian coach has yet to confirm this Brazilian interest, but has once again made it clear that his objective is to fulfill his contract with the white entity. In addition, he has sent a message to Xavi, who said that Gavi would be treated differently if he played for a team other than Barcelona.

Brazil interest

“Rumours don’t surprise me. And they don’t worry me. The only thing I think about is fulfilling at this club while I’m here. Everything else is quite clear: I’ll continue until Madrid allow me. We’re doing very well, I feel affection. My environment is calm And I, the same. There are two months left and we’re going for titles. Everyone can say what they want! But the reality is what it is. And I just said it: I have a contract and I want to continue. Simple. Nobody knows the future “

He is excited about an interest from Brazil

“I love it, of course it generates illusion. But you have to respect contracts and I want to fulfill it”

He maintains that he will retire after Real Madrid


Noise around the equipment

“The atmosphere is calm. What the press says doesn’t matter to me. I think of Chelsea, Valladolid, Barcelona… the players know what they have to do and they don’t get distracted. Not at all”

Xavi and Gavi

“And if my grandfather had wheels he would be a car! Everyone here has their problems: Vinicius, Gavi… nothing, it’s football”

Having one day less rest than Barcelona for the Cup

“No. This time I consider that we have enough time to recover and arrive well. There is no disadvantage”

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