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Ancelotti remembers Mbappé: “‘Ici c’est Real Madrid’… period”

The coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelottiwas “very proud” of his players after winning the fourteenth Champions in the history of the white club and highlighted that “no one thought” that his pupils could win this Champions League.

“This Cup it has been the most difficultBy the way, because no one thought that you could win, this has given the team commitment, confidence and struggle. We have been able to create a good atmosphere and added to the individual quality of our players has made the difference,” Ancelotti analyzed at a press conference.

we have deserved it, we have suffered a lot from the round of 16 until today, but we have never given up. We managed today’s game very well because the key was not to give Liverpool’s forward depth. The four defenders have played very well and when they have lowered the pressure a bit we have scored and we have beaten a great rival,” the Italian told the media.

Liverpool have not lost many games this season. It is easier to win the Champions League with Real Madrid than with any other team. The Real Madrid fan is special, he was born as a child, the structure of the club makes this club special. And I’m very happy about this, and the four Champions clearly make me happy. But the happiness is greater because on my return to Madrid we have had a spectacular season”, valued the man from Reggiolo.

In addition, Ancelotti remembered -again- the call from Florentino Perez the last summer. “I will never stop thanking the president for his call, and also the players for creating a good atmosphere. There are times when there is a bit of ego in these locker rooms, other players who can’t stand the fact of not playing and here I stay with this, on the contrary, the facility that I have had to train this team”, he revealed.

“I am left with the tranquility of the locker room to prepare for this match. I have never seen a bit of nervousness, it is incredible, the nerves are gone and the team has been very good. The players had incredible confidence, and that confidence comes from the history of this club. It’s the eighth final in a row won. It’s something quite rare in football,” he asserted.

On a personal level, he has no doubts about what Real Madrid offers him compared to other clubs. “I think that after four years I have had more difficulty fighting for titles for different reasons, going back to Madrid has been a great success. It’s true that right now I don’t think about the titles I’ve won, but about the happiness I have”, he commented.

On Coutois highlighted his “great saves” and Vinicius, author of the winning goal, only said that it gave him “the confidence he needed”. “At the beginning of the season he didn’t play, but then he got that confidence and always played. He has improved in effectiveness in goal,” he said.

“In dribbling he has always been very effective but now he is more successful in front of goal. He takes more time and the difficulty is being close to the goal. And when you are there you have to take your time, be cool and play with Benzema. It has helped. Today it has put the icing on the cake,” said Ancelotti.

Regarding the future, he said that “now the goal is start the holidays, and then think about the next season“. “This campaign has been incredible, nobody expects it, not even me, who is very optimistic. We have won three competitions, Super Cup, League and Champions. I will never stop thanking this club and these players,” he concluded.

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