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Ancelotti refuses to say that Messi is the best in history: “It won’t come out of my mouth”

Carlo Ancelotti has returned and in his first public appearance he has left several headlines, including one that has attracted a lot of attention because it has to do with Messi and his recent conquest of the World Cup. The Italian coach has refused to say that the Argentine is the best in history and has made it clear with a smile on his face in the preview of Valladolid-Real Madrid tomorrow, Friday at 9:30 p.m.

messi is not the best

“Difficult to say, I don’t know if he’s the best in history. It’s not fair to say that, because each era has very good players. ‘Messi is the best in history’ won’t come out of my mouth. I’ve enjoyed so many good players… I train the Ballon d’Or every day. And I’ve seen Cruyff and Maradona play…”

Benzema after the World Cup that he did not play

“He returned on the 10th of vacation and when he returned he was quite well. He worked with the team and in friendlies he played half an hour and 45 minutes. I think he will show all his quality”

How do you see the squad after the break?

“We are fine. We have recovered Benzema well, who was important. Those who have had vacations have also returned well, although I am going to give priority to the players who have been here”

hazard status

“I see Hazard well, he has trained well. I see him better than before the World Cup. He has done a good job and I am going to use the entire squad”

Does not rule out outputs

“The tickets are closed, because we have a great squad. We don’t know about the departures, because perhaps some players who play less want to leave. Regarding December 2022, I think we are better. And although it is difficult, why are we not going to improve what we did last year”

Reconnect after the World Cup

“Evaluating what is going to happen is very complicated, it is a calendar that demands a lot. We have the Spanish Super Cup and the Club World Cup. Until March we have many games and we have to make a personal evaluation of the player. We have to put good conditions into the players. The World Cup players had to be given rest. There are no more days off, until February 19 we played every three days”

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