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Ancelotti: “Luck? We’re here because of the quality of our players”

The coach of real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, assured that the concern prior to the Champions League final is “fighted” when seeing “the players’ faces” and regains calm before facing Liverpool this Saturday (9:00 p.m.) in the Stade de France.

“I have experienced this year as naturally as I experience this match, which is a great success for us. We know the history and demands of this club, but we have done very well, it has been a good season and we are very close to achieving the maximum. The atmosphere is good, we are calm and this team manages these types of games very well. The veterans help the youngsters to have a very good atmosphere, very calm and a lot of confidence”, pointed out the Italian in the press conference prior to the clash.

“We deserved to reach the final because of quality, that’s the first thing, and then talent is not enough. You have to try to put everything together and that does allow you to move forward if there is commitment like we have had this year. And then, history of this club has pushed us to the final. Win it? We have to deserve it tomorrow”Ancelotti commented.

The one from Reggiolo assured that he has enjoyed “a lot” this “period” in Madrid. “Both for the club and for the players, I continue to enjoy myself. Today I am very happy, very calm and tomorrow I know that there will be a little worry at night, but worry is fought with the faces of the players, which gives me a lot of confidence”, he stated emphatically.

Asked about the change from a season ago, when he was managing Everton, Ancelotti was clear. “He’s a vertigo, yes, I’ve thought about it many times. Last year at this time just José Ángel and the president called me on the phone (Florentino Pérez) (…) We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but each game has its history, its strategy and its motivation”.

Perhaps there is less concern than in 2014 because in Lisbon -that final- it was the key to all this success in recent years for all of Real Madrid (…) Sometimes you dream but you can’t control it. I have a good memory of everything, these finals are a bit strange, but I think the final I played the best was in 2005, against Liverpool, and I lost it,” he recalled.

“I will not tell my players that we play badly, but we do have to be prepared for everything. We have had time to prepare it and we are doing well at this moment. We will give the best we have, but I am not convinced that it will be enough to win it. Serve We are going to get the best out of it, but I don’t know if it will be enough because in football there is something that cannot be controlled. The previous one always has the same flavor and it is something that you have to enjoy without thinking about what can happen”, added Ancelotti .

“We have to propose a game where we show our virtues and our quality. What we have shown during the season, with a lot of commitment, must also be shown this Saturday. The players who have entered have always stood up and have made the difference. Liverpool will present an intense team, with a lot of individual quality and a vertical game. Whoever shows their quality the most at the end will win the match,” assured the Italian.

On other issues, Ancelotti said that “what has changed” about Benzema “since his first stage is that now he has more personality, more leadership on and off the pitch.” “What has not changed is his quality and that he continues to play to the fullest with his humility“Commented the merengue coach, who was unable to assess the state of the pitch after criticism from his counterpart Jurgen Klopp. “We haven’t tried it yet.”

And about the injured Liverpool was also clear. “If the player has an injury he can’t play, but if the Liverpool players play it means they’re not injured. This won’t affect the final, it’s the last game of the season and they’ll give everything. This won’t affect the success of the game”, manifested.

Finally, given his ‘toffee’ past, the Italian coach was asked if he thinks the other part of Liverpool will go with him this Saturday. “The Everton fans, because of the rivalry on Merseyside, will be with us. I have good memories of my time at Liverpool, in the blue part, and I am sure they will support me tomorrow,” Ancelotti concluded.

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