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Ancelotti: “It’s a wake-up call for a team that was on vacation”

Carlo Ancelotti, Italian coach of the Real Madrid, assured that his team “was on vacation” and did not appear at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum, where they conceded the second league defeat of the season for lowering “concentration” and show lack of “commitment”.

“We have had a reaction the first ten minutesAfterwards we have been more nervous, we have lost balls and we have lost duels. We give away the goal with a player who usually stands out a lot in the defensive aspect (Militao). There is not much to say about this game except that we have stayed one more day on vacation, “he said at a press conference.

“It was not the team before Christmas, less concentration and commitment. We did not deserve to lose, the draw was fair, but you have gifted a goal that means a defeat. Is a wake-up call to a team that was on vacation “, adding being critical of what was shown by its players.

Ancelotti did not claim an action that Real Madrid requested penalty on Marcelo for a grab and he did not reproach the referee, except for his criteria on the yellow cards: “The referee was not decisive. I got angry because we finished the first half with two yellow cards, one for me that I swear I was not necessary and the other for Rodrygo when I think That they could get more yellows “.

The Madrid coach did not look for excuses, who asked his players for a quick reaction: “I am not worried that the streak will be cut. Preparing for these games after the Christmas period with players who travel is not easy but talking about this would be looking for excuses. We didn’t play well, we didn’t deserve to win, but we didn’t deserve to lose either. “

And he was surprised by the image left by his players after the one they had shown him in the last session. “Yesterday, not six months ago, after training I told the players that I really liked it because I saw a team plugged in. It is not a criticism what I say, it is the same as I told you, it may be that the coach was also on vacation today. We look forward without drama because we continue to be leaders with ma lot of motivation and enthusiasm “, He said.

Finally he explained the substitute for Belgian Eden Hazard: “The decision to put Asensio and Rodrygo are small details of the training sessions. I knew they would not last 90 minutes because they have had the covid and would have Hazard in the second cooler part. He has tried on the left wing without finding many opportunities. “


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