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Ancelotti doesn’t even want to hear about Mbappé

The medical examination passed by Anthony Rudiger and the days that remain to know the decision of Kylian Mbappedo not distract Carlo Ancelotti of the only thing on his mind at the moment, “a very important final” like the Champions League final against Liverpool, and stated that “this is not the time to talk about the future of Real Madrid”.

“We have time to talk about this after the final. It is a subject that I do not want to comment on now. We have the possibility of ending the season with a very important final. This is not the time to talk about the future of Real Madrid,” he assured at a press conference.

Ancelotti did not value the agreement reached with the German defender Rudiger nor Mbappé’s visit to Madrid this week. “I understand that you don’t have many arguments but talking about the Real Madrid market for the future doesn’t seem right to me, I don’t want to talk about it, I prefer to talk about tomorrow’s game”, he said.

Nor did the Italian coach deepen in the announcement of Manchester City’s agreement with Erling Haland. “I don’t like to talk about this, he’s a great player, City is a great club but I’m sticking with my squad which has led me to enjoy another Champions League final”.

As for strictly sports, Ancelotti put Rodrygo through the roof, whom he considers a potential crack: “He is going to progress, grow and improve. He is very talented, very intelligent, very humble. It will be a matter of time. I don’t know when, but this season from the beginning to the end he has already improved, he has made a difference in very important games. He just has to wait a bit. I don’t know how long but I don’t care, I just care that we are lucky to have a player like him”.

Ancelotti talks about staying competitive to get to the Champions League final at a good pace: “If you lose competitiveness you’re not going to do well in the Champions League. You have to put the players in so that they’re at 100%. It’s the only reason I changed a little the team against Atlético and I’m going to do it tomorrow. It’s always been said that I didn’t rotate and now that I’m broken nobody is happy”.

Consider that Vinícius must continue playing on the left flank next season to get the most out of his talent: “He is very good on the left wing, he has done very well. What he can improve is not by changing wing, but in his movements without the ball, not only in the one against one”.

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