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Ancelotti: “After 1,272 games I don’t have to prove anything to anyone”

The coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelottihas said that, after having experienced 1,272 games as a coach in his entire career so far, You don’t have “to prove anything to anyone” whether or not he wins more titles this season with the white club. “Everyone knows me and everyone can evaluate me, but I don’t have to prove anything to anyone,” Ancelotti said at the press conference prior to the match that his team will play this Saturday against Villarreal at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Gone is the thrashed by 0-4 over Barcelona at the Camp Nou, which allows Madrid to meet Osasuna in the Copa del Rey final on May 6 at La Cartuja. A match, last Wednesday’s Clásico, that Ancelotti places “among the top ten of my career, but taking into account that I have to score many finals”.

The Italian sees “the atmosphere of the players very united and very connected, also those who do not play are very excited and this is good for us”, explained the Italian coach, who shows “very calm, excited and highly motivated” because “the team is fine.” “My mood depends a lot on how the team is. So I see the team very well. And I am very good in this sense. On a personal level, the same, I don’t have any problem,” added Ancelotti.

“I wouldn’t change for Xavi”

Furthermore, Ancelotti says that I would never coach Barcelona. “For me it is impossible, because of my history; then I would not change (for Xavi). You have to respect my personal history and that of each club, taking into account that I have a lot of respect for Barcelona as for Xavi. I don’t want to change with anyone because I feel very comfortable here in the best club in the world, in a place where people love me a lot and I see a lot of affection,” she admitted.

“The season is very alive because we are going to play the fourth final. We are satisfied, but we have to finish it well. It is true that we have a disadvantage in the league, especially because Barcelona have done very well. We have four points less than last year and Barcelona have many more points. Finishing the season well, which means winning other titles, would be a spectacular season. We have the illusion of doing well in the League”, asserted the white coach.

Regarding the 0-4 loss at the Camp Nou, Ancelotti said that “it was a game with a strong rivalry, as are all the Clásicos, so there is some confrontation between players. In terms of football, Vinicius is marking an era at Real Madrid and in football in general. All Real Madrid hopes that it will continue like this. Vinicius is really doing very, very important things in football.”

Ancelotti also spoke about the negotiation period for the renewals of veteran midfielders Toni Kroos and Luka Modric: “Yes there is progress (in the negotiation) because they are talking and I think that in the end they will find a solution.” “I see veterans as always. They can have moments of a better level during a season, then other moments of a worse level… But this happens to the best players. We have to evaluate the players not by age, but by what they do,” he continued.

“I think they are going to continue. But we have to think that the day they are going to stop, something will also have to change. That is why for the future of the club we have to look for another line. We have fantastic players like Tchouaméni, Valverde or Ceballoswho are going to mark a different era from that of Kroos, Modric and Casemiro”, concluded Ancelotti.

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