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Ana Gabriel celebrated her career of music and love with her Puerto Rican fans

The raspy-voiced woman appeared on the dais, walking slowly toward the microphone that was waiting for her in the center. She wore her long, straight dark hair loose. She was wearing a purple vest that made her look like some strange and mysterious sorceress. Maybe she was her. Maybe she always has been. And it is that the music of Ana Gabriel It is like a great spell of the most powerful and heartbreaking love that has ever existed.

Last night, the Mexican appeared before a full house at the Coliseum of Puerto Rico, José Miguel Agrelot, after a long absence. The artist explained that she was looking forward to returning to the island and that she had been waiting for some time for an opportunity that came precisely as part of her most recent tour. “It can’t be that I’m not going to return to Puerto Rico, if it’s the island of charm,” she said she thought, while she confessed that she was counting the days when a date was finally announced.

“I hope to convince you once again that it is worth coming to have fun, to leave your sorrows outside to share, sing, cry and have a good time together.”, he expressed.

The concert began with the interpretation of songs such as “Esta noche”, “Soy como quise ser” and a medley of hits such as “No sabes”, “Evidencias” and “Mar y arena”, and continued with “Destino”.

A special moment at night occurred when the singer shared the story behind a very special song for her. She then recalled that shortly after her mother’s death, during a performance prior to singing, she felt her presence. “I felt that he was giving me the courage to move on, and that’s why I dedicate this song to the woman I’ve loved the most in life: my mom,” she said before giving voice to the first verses of “And here I am ”.

She expressed gratitude to her audience at that time, for the roots with which they have embraced her music for decades. “You remain faithful to these songs,” she said, before singing another medley that included “Talisman” and “You decided it.”

Throughout the concert, those present reacted with great emotion and joined their voices to the interpreter during the iconic songs of love and heartbreak that have defined her career such as “Despite everyone”, “How to forget” and “I smell loneliness”.

“I have a question for you: do you like the song ‘Hechizo’ here in Puerto Rico?” he questioned before singing the famous song. The audience’s response was a resounding yes between shouts and applause.

Ana Gabriel showed great energy throughout the presentation, in which she was accompanied by a band of musicians that included a Puerto Rican mariachi who shone especially during songs like “La reina”, “Vámonos” and “Me equiqué contigo”.

Ana Gabriel performed last night in concert at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. (Stephanie Rojas)

“El cigarillo”, another hit, generated great furor and caused the thousands present to drown out the artist’s own voice by joining in singing with her. A similar situation occurred with the songs “It’s too late” and “Pacto de amor”.

During the concert, the stage had a simple setup of lights and a series of screens that projected images and landscapes that were in tune with each song performed.

Another great moment at night was the presentation of “Quién como tú”, a song that has transcended generations and has become one of the most recognized and anticipated songs from Ana Gabriel’s great and varied repertoire. The singer also performed her version of “Hasta que te conocí”, a song composed and popularized by her compatriot Juan Gabriel, and she continued through the night with “No me digas”.

The beautiful lyrics of “Luna” resounded in the “Choli” afterwards, also generating great emotion. “I hope to have the opportunity to come to Puerto Rico on vacation. I want to meet him, I want to know the warmth of his people, ”she said during a brief intervention on the topic“ You don’t need me ”. The songs “Oh love” and “I just want to be loved” came right after.

Within this impressive musical selection, the wait for the defining theme in Ana Gabriel’s career was notable. Few songs reach a level of popularity and fame that makes them legendary. They are those songs that everyone knows, the ones that are sung while she is at home or in karaoke, the ones that accompany us in happy and difficult moments. It was not a surprise, then, that the singer closed her concert by performing “Simply friends”.

“I came to leave your heart full of love. Thank you for adding your voices to mine.”he expressed before a more than satisfied audience.

Manny Manuel and Javier de Jesús at the Ana Gabriel concert.
Manny Manuel and Javier de Jesús at the Ana Gabriel concert. (Stephanie Rojas)

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